In a recent press release from Bosch to the new System, the new, fully automated Corona-practices, rapid test, medical facilities such as doctors, hospitals, laboratories, or health centers in the current work is intended to support. It is, therefore, not a quick test that you can perform way home. Rather, the analysis is intended to device for people who deal every day with the analysis and investigation of respiratory diseases.

COVID-19-quick test of the Bosch is also for other diseases

From a purely technical point of view, the rapid test in the differential diagnosis in addition to COVID-19 nine more respiratory pathogens at the same time diagnose. For example, Influenza A and B. the requirements of the world would be fulfilled health organization (WHO), white Bosch to report on. Because you can quickly create test on-site analysis, eliminating long transport routes, the cost valuable time. The availability of the COVID-19-rapid tests is from April, in Germany, tells Bosch.

“The COVID-19-quick test of the Bosch contributes to the spread of the pandemic and to halt the chain of Infection break faster”, is the Bosch CEO Volkmar Denner cited in a company communication. Infected patients were faster to identify and isolate.

Not a 100 percent accuracy

Limiting, it should be mentioned at this point: To be 100 percent accurate, the rapid test works with the so-called Vivalytiv device. Bosch writes that in the first Tests, an accuracy of over 95% could be achieved. In the reverse conclusion this means in theory, but also Of 1,000 people tested at least 50 could receive an incorrect diagnosis.

a Further restriction: perform A device can be up to ten Tests in 24 hours. So if you must perform many Tests, and must also obtain many COVID-19-quick tester from Bosch. Whether one can therefore speak of a real discharge of laboratory capacities, is rather doubtful.

“Spiegel Online” has been found, moreover, that the device underlying the test method currently only has an approval for the purposes of research. Up next to the device, the test procedure, a marketing authorisation must therefore be made, an additional reference test takes again time.

This article was written by Hayo Lücke

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