Bonheur d’occasion, a new address in the Saint-Henri district, is the project of a young, already very experienced team. Opened in mid-February, the restaurant aims to be a “neighborhood bistro”, says chef-owner Philippe Gauthier. Seasonal menu at very good prices and warm atmosphere, this is the mission of the new establishment.

The address, already adopted by the residents of the district, is open morning, noon and evening. You can sip coffee, savor pastries made by pastry chef Victor Adnet, and order dinner. The place is transformed in the evening to offer a more gastronomic experience, but which remains affordable. A philosophy reminiscent of that of the Ludger, who occupied the same premises on rue Notre-Dame Ouest.

It is a trio of friends who is at the heart of the project. Chef Philippe Gauthier (Tiers Paysage, Bouillon Bilk, Moleskine) is in the kitchen while Evelyne Forte (Fleurs

“It’s as if the stars had aligned when Philippe called me to have someone manage it,” says Evelyne Forte. Angelique joined them a few weeks after the opening. The team leaves room for the project to evolve. “It’s a living work,” says Philippe Gauthier.

The evening menu, which changes from time to time, features seasonal products and less noble products, such as beef breeches. All “carried out with care and love”, assures the chef. Plates are balanced with lots of vegetables and grains “to create a dish that’s whole” and “costs less.” Philippe Gauthier hunts for good prices and does not hesitate to go directly to the supplier to offer products that are out of the ordinary. “The other day it was blue-legged crayfish,” he says.

The wine list was drawn up by Angélique Custeau—her first! All the wines offered are organic, there are some natural wines, but not only. “I wanted to go for stuff that I liked, but that will also appeal to all the customers,” she says. The cocktail menu is concocted by Pierre-Étienne Phaneuf (Fleurs

Particular care has been taken to ensure that all items on the menu work well together. “It’s like an album,” exclaims Philippe Gauthier. Music is another marker of place. A turntable stands next to the coffee machine and customers can even bring their own vinyl.

The restaurant organizes events on Sundays “for the neighborhood”, says Philippe Gauthier. The same neighborhood where the plot of Gabrielle Roy’s book Bonheur d’occasion is set. BBQ, seafood, etc., the team wants to accommodate everyone. A terrace open for the summer will also be the perfect place to enjoy the address and its atmosphere. Happiness that is not second-hand, but multiplies!