the Lawyer, William Wagner, Wednesday, in their very own style to respond to his resignation from the bondsprocureur of the football association. He has spread a text in which he called “a positive message” would remain on the property.

“Dear journalists, I saw that you tried to have me immediately. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because it’s today the 1st of april? In any case, even if there are, at this Moment you are times a lot of people who are struggling, either because of serious illness or a death in the family, either because of financial difficulties, or because they have to double shift to run, and risk in the healthcare sector or because they are overwhelmed by the uncertainty and the lack of social contact, yet I want to be a positive message to continue to spread.”

“Keep moving! Even if it is in the gym or in your sports club, is closed, do the necessary at home, in sports! This is important for both your physical and mental well-being, and it is very important for the immune system. Stay positive and keep smiling. Today, on 1 april, and a Facebook video of me in a bit of a laugh, in which I have a huge block of wood with their bare hands to split it, because the diy (do-it-yourself, the case is closed, and I have found that my garden stuff out. Stay safe, stay home! Best Regards, – Kris.”

Wednesday afternoon was the football association announced that the bondsprocureur, Kris Wagner, and the avenue of this message. “The position of the Bondsprocureur was already out of print, but it was due to the public’s Facebookposts from last week is no longer sustainable. A Bondsprocureur must function independently, impartially, with discretion and integrity to carry out. The royal belgian football association, is of the opinion that the Bondsprocureur with the latest Facebookposts in the confines of something to look up to, and possibly an appearance of bias on the part it creates,” said the belgian football association.

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