A graceful broccoli styling in a fridge. Can it be? Of course, at least in the wacky universe of Elise Gravel. The illustrator and author of children’s literature has adapted her album The Worst Book in the World into a board game version (published by Randolph). Here, players have to create a three-box comic from a created sentence with playing cards. A character, an adjective, an action, a place and presto! The funniest stories can arise at the end of the pencils of the players. No worries: the drawings can be as bad as the made-up story. The important thing is to have fun.

Crowned in June with the title of best game of the year (connoisseur category) at the prestigious German competition Spiel des Jahres, Challengers! borrows from the mechanics of the good old battle game, but much more strategic. The players participate here in a real tournament where the objective is to win the flag offered as food in each round. To achieve this, everyone must recruit a host of unusual characters with various effects (a stuffed animal, a skeleton or even a rubber duck) and add them to their hand. Easy to understand, Challengers! allows you to duel all the players around the table. One catch though: the game is more exciting with an even number of opponents.

A game similar in principle to those of Cards Against Humanity or L’Osti d’jeu, but this time the phrase written on the card is associated with images that have gone viral on the web, “memes”. Each player becomes a judge in turn and must read the cards proposed by the other players then choose the one that best fits the image in play. The player who wins the round wins the image, it is the one who obtains the more picture cards which wins the game. It’s simple, but very effective. Particularly suitable for young teenagers, who are familiar with these famous “memes”. Our pre-teen tester predicted his victory, he actually easily took the honors of the game! Ideally, we play in a group for a funnier experience. There are also different editions of the game, there’s even one for “bachelorettes” parties!

Another award-winning title (including the Golden Ace for game of the year received last February in Cannes), Akropolis plunges players into the heart of the Mediterranean, at the time of Ancient Greece. The objective of the game: place your tiles optimally in the different districts of your city in order to score as many points as possible. The little extra that changes everything: the tiles overlap, which forces us to see life in 3D and multiplies the strategic possibilities! The rules of Akropolis are simple, the games are fast, the equipment is of high quality. All the ingredients are gathered for a winning recipe.