Crew was launched from the Jeff Bezos rocket company’s West Texas Launch Site One facility

Blue Origin’s third crewed missions took off Saturday morning to suborbital orbit onboard the New Shepard rocket of the commercial satellite flight company.

Six people were part of the NS-19 mission. These included Fox Sports’ Michael Strahan, and Laura Shepard Churchley (the eldest daughter from NASA astronaut Alan Shepard), for whom the rocket was named.

Churchley and the ex-New York Giant – guests at Blue Origin – were joined by paid customers: Voyager Space CEO and Chairman Dylan Taylor, Starfighters Aerospace pilot Evan Dick and Lane Bess, Advisory principal and founder, and Lane Bess, and Cameron.

The group was launched from the Jeff Bezos-owned rocket firm’s West Texas Launch Site One facility.

Liftoff was originally scheduled for Thursday but high winds forced a delay.

The ABC co-host of “Good Morning America” took his Super Bowl Ring along with his recently retired No. Churchley wore a 92 jersey and accompanied her father to Apollo 14.

Bezos also placed a soccer on, which will be donated to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Only four people had been sent up to the Karman line in previous 10-minute flights, including William Shatner (Star Trek) actor.

Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos was present at the launch.

The price of seats in the reusable, automated capsule has not been disclosed by the aerospace company.

New Shepard had previously flown 18 flights, but most of them were not with passengers and payload research flights.

Blue Origin stated Saturday’s launch was dedicated Glen M. de Vries , who was also killed in a plane crash in November.

De Vries went to space in October with Shatner.