Portland in Oregon faced violent protests once again on Friday night, with numerous businesses destroyed and messages like “Black Trans Lives Matter” sprayed onto buildings.

Portland Police reported that two separate groups gathered on the evening of Transgender Remembrance Day and committed numerous acts of vandalism to businesses in the city, including a Whole Foods and numerous banks.

The first group of nearly 30 spray-painted the Mexican Consulate and then headed to the Multnomah County Courthouse where police stopped ongoing vandalism and the dispersed crowd. No arrests were made.

A second group of nearly 100, dressed all in black and wearing masks and helmets, smashed the windows of multiple banks while employees were still inside. They sprayed graffiti on the buildings, but dispersed before police arrived. Again, no arrests were made. 

Video and photos of the destruction captured by local media show the level of the vandalism, which included messages such as, “black trans lives matter,” as well as the name Tete Gulley, a transgender resident found dead over the summer in a Portland park. Her death was ruled a suicide, but activists have alleged murder and claimed police did not investigate thoroughly enough.

Tonight, a separate group of nearly 50 people gathered at NE Halsey St and NE 52nd Ave before moving to NE 43rd Ave and NE Sandy Blvd. As the group headed southwest on NE Sandy Blvd towards NE 40th Ave, they vandalized many businesses including many small businesses in their path

Graffiti & broken windows on NE 43rd & Sandy.

The Oregon State Medical Examiner did an autopsy and determined that it was a suicide. Portland Police’s investigation did not contradict that finding either.

The group damaged another building further up Sandy on NE 40th… A Bank of America… One of the workers was inside when the windows were smashed and is now cleaning up

A Wells Fargo bank that was targeted had messages written on it such as, “blood on your hands” and “burn the banks.” It was one of many targeted by the protesters.

Glass door smashed at the Wells Fargo.

Portland still at it I guess, breaking windows on what I’m sure is corporate buildings only.

According to police, a motorized scooter was thrown through a Chase bank window.

There are some officers in the area and damage was also done to a Chase Bank. It looks like they rammed this cart into the door and shattered the glass.

A Whole Foods grocery store was also heavily damaged during the demonstrations.

Here’s a look at some of the damage done to the @WholeFoods on Sandy Street. A lot broken windows and graffiti.

Social media posts promoting the protest encouraged people there to avoid streaming the event and to bring “art supplies.”

#DefendPDX#PortlandProtests Happy trans day of remembrance! info thread for 11/20/20. An autonomous DA march is meeting in south park blocks at 8pm show up for #BlackTransLivesMatter and be extra angry at how PPB and other aspects of our city has oppressed trans people!

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