The Swedish furniture giant Ikea has sharply raised the prices of furniture. This also has an impact on private sales on eBay classifieds, Facebook or other marketplaces. Those who want to get rid of their old Ikea furniture can now ask for higher prices. FOCUS online says why that is.

Commodity prices keep climbing. Consumers also feel this in the furniture market. The market leader Ikea has changed the price of many pieces of furniture and decorative items within a year. The company explains the price increases with the increased costs of purchasing, production, transport and storage.

An evaluation by FOCUS online shows that selected products have increased in price by 200 percent. For example, the scented candles from Sinnlig cost 99 cents at the end of February 2022, and the price rose to 1.99 euros in summer 2022. Now the same product costs 2.99 euros. The Hemnes shoe cabinet (double) cost 149 euros in April 2022. Now consumers have to pay 179 euros for it. Make a price increase of 20 percent!

The Havsten 2-seater sofa (in white color for inside and outside) cost 360 euros at Ikea in March 2021. Today, the furniture giant charges 500 euros for the same product. Makes a price increase of 140 euros or a whopping 38 percent!

A similar price comparison by the “Bild” newspaper showed price increases of up to 131 percent – for example for the popular “Nesttun” bed frame.

The price development at Ikea also has an impact on the group’s furniture that is sold by private individuals via “Ebay classifieds” or “Facebook”.

Sellers repeatedly set the current Ikea price as a basis for negotiation. If the prices in the shop rise, this automatically leads to higher asking prices for private sellers. In many cases, they had paid significantly lower prices for furniture and decorative items.

Anyone who owns an Ikea product and now wants to sell it benefits. However, buyers are at a disadvantage.

For example, you could still find a simple Pax cupboard in the Munich area in July 2022 for less than 50 euros, but Ikea fans now have to dig deeper into their pockets for it. One supplier even increased the price of his cupboard from 40 euros to 70 euros within three months. The current Ikea price was given as the new price.

Anyone who wants to get rid of old pieces of furniture or decorative items from Ikea now has the best chance of making the highest profit. The higher prices at Ikea are also causing a real boom in the search for used products.

The background is that many people can no longer afford the high prices at Ikea.

And IKEA cannot rule out further price increases.

Clean objects, furniture or decorative items and photograph them only in daylight.

Put the articles in the limelight and show your offer from all sides.

When writing, you should not be stingy with words. Detailed article descriptions with product data not only make it easier to search on the respective portals, but also provide information about any signs of use.

Honesty is mandatory in the description. “Defects must not be concealed,” emphasizes the North Rhine-Westphalia consumer advice center. In the case of technical devices, a warranty of one year also applies to private sellers – unless it is excluded from the outset.