A scoop of ice cream is becoming more and more expensive, and this is noticeable not only when strolling through the city at home, but also on vacation. We’ll tell you here where you can feast cheaply and where the ice cream is most expensive.

In summer, a scoop of ice cream is a must on a hot day. But to provide the whole family with this cool treat, you may have to dig deep into your pockets – depending on the country you are holidaying in.

While the average price for a scoop of ice cream in Germany is 1.74 euros, in other European countries you pay an average of 2.39 euros.

The language learning platform “Preply” compared ice cream prices from 40 different holiday regions and uncovered some surprises. 

Would you have thought that the most expensive ice cream scoop costs 5.41 euros? This is how much you have to pay for a scoop of ice cream when you vacation in Norway. Switzerland comes right after, because in Zurich the scoop ice cream costs 3.75 euros per portion. 

Things get a little cheaper in the popular holiday destination of Italy: in Rome, a scoop of ice cream costs 3.62 euros. On Lake Garda it’s only 2.12 euros for an ice cream. 

Spain fans have to pay 3.06 euros per scoop in Andalusia, while in Mallorca it is 2.84 euros for an ice cream. 

In Croatia, an ice cream costs 2.06 euros. Greece is similarly expensive when it comes to cool refreshment. On Crete you pay 2.92 euros for the ball, on Rhodes 2.54 euros. 

If you want to feast cheaply, you have to fly to Turkey. The Turkish Riviera has the cheapest ice cream – a scoop costs just 55 cents. In Albania and Hungary the prices are also still very moderate at 1.03 and 1.22 euros.