Mechelen Malines (mechelen), a court ensures that this is a first. For the first time in the history of justice in Belgium, it will be a criminal session, continue online. Due to the current coronacrisis are to be prisoners will not be transferred to the district court, and will be more and more delayed. Through video conferencing and direct access to the prison like they are now becoming over with.

As the law court, we find it significant that the defendants, or other parties involved in a judicial case to be present when their case is being heard,” says chairman Theo Byl, the Mechels division of the district court of Antwerp, belgium. “However, due to the current economic crisis and the measures being taken, can’t do this anymore.”

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more and more often, business is suspended. “But it would have to wait, going to afdelingsvoorzitter Byl any further. “We’ve been thinking about how to fix this to make everything smooth.” Who was the Famous court into a software tool, similar to using Skype.

federal department of Justice itself stated that the software is available to you. Original to the judges, and in a safe manner, and via video conference to a meeting. “Thanks to the support of the provincial chairman Bart, Willockx, we are going to becoming a step further, and we will use the software in the seats”, it could be that.