Belarus plans to buy in Russia 2 million tonnes of oil at a price of $ 4 per barrel

Sergei Rumas Sergei Rumas.
Council of Ministers

Belarus expects to buy in Russia in April, 2 million tons of oil at a price of about $ 4 per barrel. This was stated Thursday by Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Rumas.

“as for the prize, I can repeat what I said two weeks ago: the supply of Russian oil will be carried out without a prize. This tough and consistent policy of the head of state about the purchase of oil without premiums aged by the government. The result of this position – the price at which we buy oil in April: about 4 dollars for barrel”, – quotes the words of the Prime Minister of the Belarusian portal

Sergei Rumas suggested that “today [the concern] Belneftekhim finish the negotiations with Russian companies on the supply of Russian oil to the APR”. “We expect to receive 2 million tons of oil,” he said.

Belarus stopped buying Russian oil at the beginning of this year, demanding changes to the pricing formula, reports TASS. According to her, the Belarusian oil refineries was attached to the Russian suppliers a premium to the price for raw materials duty-free. The size of the award is stipulated individually for each company, but as it reached $ 12 per ton to export the netback (price of oil in the Baltic ports excluding transportation costs).

Almost the entire first quarter of Belarus and Russia could not agree on oil supplies. Belarusian refineries were working with half load. The supply of raw materials to Belarusian refineries did not stop only the group of companies “Safmar” Mikhail Gutseriev. In addition, Belarus continues to purchase oil from traders, delivering it through the port of Klaipeda, and also carries out deliveries of Azerbaijani oil hin the port of Odessa and the Odessa – Brody pipeline.

March 21, the press service of the Russian Cabinet reported that the Prime Ministers of Belarus and Russia agreed to supply oil to Belarusian refineries “in full and on agreed terms”.

“All Russian companies will be able to supply oil without a premium. Of this award, 11.7 per dollar per tonne, $ 7 lower company, the remaining 4.7 dollar will be settled inter-budget calculations. That is, the Russian government will take these 4.7 dollar on themselves”, – explained Sergei Rumas.