She’s always been in a relationship with older guys. Always preferred older men. The last in line, her current lover, is also married. Confidences of a mistress a little in spite of herself.

Is it their experience, their bearing? Victoria *, a dynamic forty-something in a virtual interview from Val-d’Or, does not really know. Nevertheless, even her very first lover, around 17-18 years old, while she was still in CEGEP, was already a few years older. A job. And lived. And he liked it. Not nearly. “I thought he was the man of my life,” she recalls with a laugh. It lasted a year! »

In the early twenties, his preferences were confirmed. She meets, get this, a man 30 years older than her. Their story spans six years. In bed ? “Very satisfying,” she replies. In my case, it has always been very satisfying! »

Unfortunately, after a few years, Mr., who is otherwise in good shape, she says, falls ill. He must go months without moving. “And he grabbed an old man’s beat.” I left it not long after. »

“Seeing him sitting on the couch, gaining weight, at some point my interest went away. I just didn’t want more. »

At the end of her twenties, she leaves him and quickly finds herself in a relationship, this time with a man 20 years older. Again ? “Yes, again,” she said, laughing. When I say I’m attracted to older men, that’s it! »

She has her own idea on the subject. “At 28-29, guys my age, it’s a big deal. There, I meet a man with a bearing. Career someone! “Like her, we guess. And we guess right. Victoria is indeed a business woman.

They spent over 10 years together. Their story is almost perfect. Think: nice big wedding, nice sexuality, “the perfect little couple”. They make love everywhere, in every room of the house, in the car, with all kinds of varied experiences, naughty videos included.

“We did everything together,” she recalls, “and maybe that’s what killed our relationship. We have been together all the time and too much…”

“Too together,” especially when the pandemic hit. “Our life beat changed,” she recalls. We had no more happy hours, nothing more to say to each other, we ended up at home, the evenings sitting in front of the TV. We no longer spoke. We had become roommates…”

And then, as a bonus, her husband falls ill. “Again…” And he spends almost two months in the hospital. When he gets home, let’s say their intimacy has taken quite a turn. “He was carrying a bag for his excrement, I didn’t mind, I had an opening, but he did…”

Their rapprochements are spaced out, until they become almost non-existent. Victoria stretches a few poles, but with “not tonight”, “I don’t feel like it” and “I’m tired”, “after two or three times, you disconnect,” she says. In the past few months, we’ve made love three times. »

It is that in parallel, professionally, Victoria prospers. Her business is going well, she is flourishing, she is traveling. And then what had to happen happens, she gets closer to a colleague, a married man. Her “famous” married man, as she calls it. “I’ve known him for several years, but nothing ever happened. My door was closed. I had no opening. Until there was a click and his famous “door” opened ajar.

It must be said that they have to work together every day. And one fine morning, without warning, Monsieur kisses her. “Not a single dry beak,” Victoria clarifies knowingly. His way of kissing, he knocked me out…”

Not insignificant “very, very” exciting detail: “all this in the office, without anyone realizing it!” »

If she feels guilty? ” Oh yes ! I have remorse. You are supposed to be faithful. I am not. But at the same time, she says, my partner takes care of me so much more, my remorse disappears. If you don’t want to take care of me, someone else will take care of me…”

Their little adventure continues, a discreet caress under a table here, in an elevator there. “It can’t be that the world doesn’t realize that!” »

And they end up sleeping together. “How to put it,” she beams. He has magic fingers. It takes five minutes and you’ve reached seventh heaven. […] He does everything a woman wants to have. »

She does not hide it, all this also does her the greatest good. “I’m building a new self-confidence…”

Weeks, then months pass, until she finally separates. No, not just because of this lover. “But he kicked me in the ass,” she concedes. Hey, we forgot to ask him, is he older too? Affirmative: 20 years older. “That’s fucking intense!” »

And then, it was to be expected: even if she swore not to fall in love, Victoria cannot help herself. It’s stronger than her. And it seems. If it’s reciprocal? “We had a big talk, he can’t.” He’s fine with me, but he can’t do anything. “I can’t give you what you want,” he told her. Even if it does not go well with his wife, it seems.

And then ? Their story continues to this day. “We’re a couple, but we can’t show it,” she sums up. They see each other morning and evening, kiss on the sly, make love here and there, at the office, in different rooms, about once a week.

She knows it :

And although she still hopes that he will one day leave his wife, Victoria calls herself “serene” here.

” It’s OK for me. I take what passes, she says. I say to myself: enjoy it! You’re having fun, you’re good, so enjoy! »

No, hardly anyone knows. “But I’m sure I’m not the first one this has happened to,” she concluded. With this story, I had many thoughts about loyalty. […] When a couple is going badly, anything can happen. […] Heille, I am 40 years old, I want passion. Intensity. Not a beak in my mouth as I go to bed at night! »