Doing finishing work around the house is an accessible and enjoyable task, even for apprentice do-it-yourselfers. The installation of interior moldings is just the kind of light and pleasant work to do yourself.

Aside from creating decor, most moldings have a dual action. Molding around a door or window hides framing and structure; the lower wall moulding, for its part, camouflages the space between the wall and the floor covering. It therefore becomes unavoidable.

The molding comes in different materials. MDF (pine fiber) molding is economical and easy to cut. It only has a primer and it must be painted after being fixed.

Wood molding is also an option. In maple, oak or pine, it can be stained, waxed, oiled or varnished. Although it is more expensive, it is strong and very durable. The finger jointed pine model is a cheap option for a wood molding, but it should be painted for a better final look.

The molding creates a trompe-l’oeil. For it to work well, make sure you don’t force anything.

1. Measure the molding. Lay your measuring tape over the edge of the face-framing hem to the other hem.

2. Cut the molding. Check, adjust and fix. Your saw blade is 1/8 inch. Be careful to put your blade on the right side to have the exact measurement. Tip: measure at the long point, it’s easier to spot when cutting with the miter saw. Otherwise, draw it all to guide you.

3. Attach the moldings. Use a pneumatic nail gun. She is fast and precise. The advantage of the straight, profileless contemporary molding is that it allows sanding for a better fit. If necessary, drive in your nailheads.

4. Pull a latex cord. The latex serves as a glue to solidify the molding and aesthetically, it hides the shading and brings back the line. Also fill in corners or cut edges. This finishing part adds an essential aesthetic aspect.

The use of classic moldings, when assembled according to a well-established pattern, can create an interesting decor at a low cost. The success of this kind of project is in the planning and the good use of space (and your imagination!) to achieve a wall with different and personalized accents. Some companies specializing in wall covering can offer you moldings with stylish profiles or offer combinations of moldings which, once properly assembled, create different and remarkable decors.