With the explosion of material costs and the shortage of labour, it is time more than ever to reclaim some maintenance or renovation work on your home. Become a pro and take action with tasks anyone can do.

Whether it is to have more privacy or to standardize the decor, installing or changing a door handle is easy to do. Trust yourself and take action.

If you change the handle model, the strike plate, the metal clip attached to the door frame, may need adjustment. The lever handle is easier to use. With a view to a universal design, it allows opening with one hand or even with the elbow. The type with lock is not more difficult to install. The lock is obviously on the inside of the room.

Screwdriver (depending on cap screw head type)

Utility knife (optional)

1. Insert the spring bolt into the door hole. Make sure that the slope of the spring bolt is in the right direction so as not to interfere with the opening of the door. Depending on the distance of the hole for the handle from the edge of the door and the thickness of the door, most handles allow the system to be adjusted to enter the center pin correctly. Depending on the type of handle, you can use the knob around the bolt, which offers a very clean installation, or the other classic option.

2. Insert a first part with the central axis, then screw. Do not overtighten to prevent the system from straining. Do it with a screwdriver.

3. Place the other part of the handle, adjust gently, then screw. As in the present case, some handles require that the base and the lever be installed separately. If you have a handle with a latch, depending on the model, the pressure button goes to the bottom.

4. Secure the strike plate in the door jamb. Even if the frame is already machined, do a check, then fix the second screw. If necessary, adjust it. Draw a pencil line exactly under the spring bolt. First insert a single screw, to fit the piece, trace and cut as needed. Use a utility knife with a sharp blade for precision work. Thicker door frame moldings often require more adjustment.

If you want to replace an exterior door handle, be aware that the handle and lock holes are already made. Before buying a new handle, first check the thickness of your door. Then measure, from center to center, the distance between the hole in the handle and the hole in the lock, as well as their diameter. To prevent the old assembly holes from remaining visible even if they are plugged, measure between the handle hole and the bottom screw areas of the handle. You may have to make an adjustment with the faceplate (plate that surrounds the deadbolt).