labor shortage? worries about youngsters? While the trade is desperately looking for trainees, master plumber Alfred Keller in his plumbing and ventilation business on Lake Constance cannot complain. This summer he had three apprenticeship positions to offer and was able to choose from several applicants.

“We had about ten applicants,” Keller told SWR Aktuell. ‚ÄúThis is also due to the fact that we are present in schools. We are at many educational events. We are broadly positioned in social media. Recently, an industry partner said to me, it’s hard not to notice you every day.”

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According to the information, the 4-day week is particularly well received. “The employees are happier,” explains Lara Keller, employee and daughter of the company boss. On Fridays before that, you only worked half a day “If you split it up over the other four days, you’ve had an increase in productivity. Having a rest day on Friday also allowed everyone to be motivated and then start working again on Monday, feeling refreshed.”

At first there was still the fear that the 4-day week would mean overtime, says Lara Keller. And also that it could be too physically demanding. But now, in hindsight, that’s not really an issue.

A woman is dragged into an SUV and disappears, leaving a sandal at the scene. The DNA on it leads to a convicted kidnapper – he could be after the missing person’s inheritance.

The mask requirement on the plane will probably not come after all. The Federal Ministry of Health caused confusion on Friday. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the seven-day incidence is 234.4 – although the number of unreported cases remains high. You can find all the news in the Corona ticker on FOCUS online.

The crash of a plane in the Baltic Sea continues to be a mystery. A Cologne businessman who was traveling with his family is said to have been behind the wheel. Shortly before the crash, contact with the plane was lost and Luftwaffe Eurojets took off. Many questions are still open.