Because of the coronavirus, about 1 million people will lose their jobs

because in the fashion industry, about 1 million people will lose their jobs because in the fashion industry, about 1 million people will lose their jobs

In Moscow, in sectors that suffer most from the negative impact of the pandemic COVID-19, according to estimates of the Moscow branch of “Business Russia”, employs more than 1 million people. If nothing is done, it will leave the market about 50% of companies will not work from 500 thousand to 1 million Muscovites. And some industries just die out.

In the capital, 400 thousand people are employed in catering, which is closed, 300 thousand – in the enterprises of culture and creative industries who are not working, 200 thousand – in the fitness industry and sports industry, which activity is suspended; 160 thousand in hotels and hotels, 30 thousand people are engaged in exhibition activities, 30 thousand are employed in the health industry.

according to “Kommersant”, to rescue the victims from the pandemic sectors of the Moscow branch of “Business Russia” presented the second package of proposals. It includes the following steps:

the provision of interest – free loans for the payment of salaries for all enterprises in affected industries (now get such a loan can only entrepreneurs, micro and small enterprises);
– recognize in Moscow, the pandemic is force majeure, i.e. force majeure. At the moment this is done only in 32 regions, which gives rise to different legal interpretations.
– rent-free period: so that landlords who do not charge fees to tenants during the lockdown, got tax breaks on the property;
– subsidies for some industries for payment of utilities and salaries for the idle period;
– the suspension of the decree of the RF government regulating the assignment of a “star” hotels, because in the current environment to support it is not possible (for example, in the five star hotel must have a pool and they are closed);
– reduced for catering VAT to 10%;
– release of organizers of concerts, exhibitions and other cultural events from the recovery of the burned tickets, and instead transfer date or to subsidize losses.

These proposals will be transferred to the capital oberstab on economic Affairs, chaired by the Vice-mayor Vladimir Yefimov.

Wednesday, April 1, the mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin has approved a second package of measures to support the business. They should help in obtaining loans and subsidies. Support will be provided to hotels, franchising, exporting, etc.