In the last year everything was on the brink for him! At the beginning of 2021, “For heaven’s sake” star Fritz Wepper (80) had to undergo tumor surgery and was then in intensive care for five months. But that’s not all! The acting legend spent a total of 15 months in the clinic and rehab to finally get back on his feet. Already at the beginning of 2022, Wepper proudly announced: “I feel good physically and mentally.”

Who was his special support during this difficult time? “My wife and children have given me so much strength. Your love saved me,” Wepper said a few months ago. Now the 80-year-old has another reason to be happy, because Fritz was finally allowed to leave rehab and, according to the “Bild” newspaper, is now back at home with his wife Susanne Kellermann (48) and daughter Filippa.

In an interview with “Bild”, Wepper revealed how he felt during his first days in his old homeland: “I had to reorient myself for a moment and immediately felt at home with my loved ones.” The actor continued: “I’m blooming from day to day day more up. It’s the nicest thing to sleep in your own bed.” As a welcome, his wife Susanne is said to have given a traditional white sausage meal including Tegernseer wheat beer. How is the 80-year-old doing at the moment? According to Susanne “according to the circumstances”, because “he is restricted by lying down for a long time. He still needs help, which he accepts.”

Particularly reassuring: According to “Bild”, Fritz Wepper’s black skin cancer should not have grown any further. The actor admitted, “I’m not having any issues right now. Nevertheless, I will probably resume immunotherapy against cancer in the summer.” However, the 80-year-old does not let that get him down. On the contrary! Across from “Bild” confidently announced: “I would really like to play a TV role again. Nor would it have to be a seat roll. But I can walk well on crutches again.”

Fritz Wepper’s period of suffering is apparently coming to an end. After more than a year in the hospital and rehabilitation clinic, the actor was allowed to return to “Bavarian reality” for the first time for a trip with his friend Bernd Herzsprung.

Actor Fritz Wepper will soon be allowed to leave rehab at Tegernsee and “home again” after surviving cancer.

After a long period of inpatient rehabilitation in a private clinic, Fritz Wepper soon wanted to return home – but that was postponed. The star actor, who survived a tumor disease, has contracted the corona virus.

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