“It’s a mix that’s a little sweet, a little sweet and a little spicy at the same time,” describes Pauline Marques, operations manager at Kanel. Among the ingredients that make up this “perfect barbecue mix”: smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, brown sugar, garlic and onion.

Meat lovers will appreciate this blend of spices in a dry marinade on ribs or fish. For a vegetarian option, Pauline Marques suggests blending the following ingredients: ½ tsp. For the love of BBQ, 1 tbsp. cider vinegar and ¼ cup apricot jam. We brush a head of cauliflower with the preparation, then we grill everything on the barbecue.

“Forestry mix is ​​a mushroom-based mix. […] It is very aromatic,” describes Frédérick Martel-Leech, co-owner of Les As du fumoir. There are also notes of thyme and rosemary. “It’s very forest,” he sums up.

Originally created to accompany game, the forest mix also goes very well with beef and duck. Frédérick Martel-Leech suggests sprinkling it on the piece of meat before cooking, then adding a pinch when serving “to taste the full power of the spices”.

“It tastes like the beach,” says Dave Rose, president and founder of Montreal-based Smoke Show, who says he’s “really a fan” of this product. He says everyone should try this classic, “spicy but not too spicy” blend, made with allspice, cayenne pepper, ginger, and paprika, among others.

Dave Rose suggests using the jerk mix to make shrimp tacos. Simply marinate the shellfish in olive oil and lime juice to which fresh ginger, garlic and jerk spices are added. The prawns are threaded onto skewers to grill them. All that remains is to assemble the tacos with the desired toppings.

At the same time sweet, salty, peppery and a little spicy, this dry marinade gives grilled meats a unique aspect. “It’s a mixture that’s all black because you put activated charcoal in it. […] It’s really out of the ordinary,” explains Jean-Philippe Lavoie, from BBQ Québec.

Black Tiger was developed for large cuts of meat, such as beef brisket (brisket), short ribs and tomahawk steak. We rub a good amount of spices on the meat which we then cook slowly on the barbecue. “It makes a crust that is legendary,” says Lavoie. And to impress guests, why not try the “tiger method”, which gives the grill the colors of this big cat.

This sweet and salty combination combines white pepper with a very Quebec ingredient: maple sugar. Designed for everyday cooking, like the other products of La pincée, specifies its president, François Maisonneuve, this mixture was born from a collaboration with the company Nos Cabanes.

The salmon. “It comes to make a crust of spices that caramelizes. The fish becomes very crispy on the outside and, inside, the cooking is just right. It’s super tender,” says François Maisonneuve. He recommends sprinkling a few pinches of the mixture on the salmon and smoking it hot on the barbecue for about 30 minutes.