Markus Söder has King Charles III. congratulated on his coronation. The Bavarian Prime Minister also posted a photo of the two from 2019. But Söder simply left out their wives.

The Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) met King Charles III at the weekend. congratulated on his accession to the throne after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. “Congratulations to King Charles III. The 2019 reception in Munich was a great honor for Bayern. Long live the King! ”Wrote Söder and posted a photo of himself and Charles together.

As Söder also writes, the photo was taken during Charles’s visit to Germany in May 2019. But what the Bavarian Prime Minister posted is actually just a section of the picture. In the original photo, the two wives Camilla and Karin Baumüller-Söder are also next to them. At that time, Söder also posted the original.

The fact that the CSU politician simply cut the women away was of course quickly noticed on social media, for example by the Greens politician Michael Bloss. He tweeted the original image. The comments: “Embarrassing to the power of 10” or “Narcissist with a pink tie”. Several users scoff at Söder’s “lust for recognition”. Another comment said: “Photoshop makes it possible – the two wives seen in the original have been removed… – A prankster who thinks evil.”

But Charles’ somewhat irritated look in the photo also gives cause for mockery. Green politician Konstantin von Notz joked: “How King Charles III reads @Markus_Soeder’s tweets.”

Hateful comments can also be found in Söder’s Instagram profile: “Charles somehow looks a lot: ‘Who is the guy next to me? It doesn’t matter, I’ll try to smile politely’,” amuses one user, among other things.

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The Queen’s corgis, who were orphaned after the death of Elizabeth II, have a new home: As a spokeswoman for the middle Queen’s son Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah explained on Sunday, the two are taking in the dogs Muick and Sandy. The scandal prince should not otherwise be considered in the Queen’s will.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II set in motion a sequence of events that had been prepared in detail for years under the code word “Operation London Bridge”. The highlight will be the funeral service in Westminster Abbey in the heart of London. That will happen in the coming days.

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