And blame – the COVID-19. Just a day before the match 23rd round between FC “Sochi” and “Rostov” at once six players of the basic structure of Donetsk has been identified coronavirus, and the whole team, in accordance with the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor, went to the quarantine. In RPL proposed to move the match to 19 July – the only day in the championship. But this required the consent of both clubs.

However, Barca said that insist on holding a meeting in accordance with the calendar of the tournament that is on June 19. The chief guest coach Valery Karpin sarcastically responded that “the winner of the competition of “fair play of the year” in a season already defined.”

And when it became clear that the match did take place (otherwise Rostovites will be forfeited), the question of who will come out on the field, he replied: “I don’t know anything. We’re not, then understand? We are in a “prison” sitting”.

Violent reaction and discussion of the application arrived in the resort city of “Rostov”: it was listed 18 players aged 16 to 19 years.

the result against the most experienced team on the field were young men. In General, in an official match of the championship of Russia there was a real massacre of the innocents – “Sochi” won with the score of 10:1, which was the largest in the history of the Championships.

a Scandalous match has received huge response. For example, the same Valery Karpin said: “This championship is reminiscent of the primacy of the bath or of the water tower”. And the first President of the RFU Vyacheslav Koloskov not put it less harshly: “what happened is a shame for Russian football and, in particular, for “Rostov”. What brains need to prevent disruption before the start? I think it can hit the image of our football in the international arena. This elementary carelessness”.

And it had to happen, but the next day the same situation happened before the meeting in the capital region between “Krasnodar” and “Dynamo”: three Moscow player picked up COVID-19… IN the end the basic structure of “white-blue” instead of the Charter flights to the capital of the Kuban villages in quarantine at its club database.

the Management of FC “Dynamo” has asked the other team to move the game on July 19. The President of the “bulls” Sergey Galitsky once – in the true spirit of “fair play” – agreed to take this step, and out of another football of the impasse was found. Krasnodar club, which had previously tried to behave like a gentleman in any situation, received a lot of praise from everywhere.

But Sochi still just starting their way in professional sport, is now a long time will display the “spot” on behalf of the club. And although technically this team no complaints (a considerable part of the blame must take the Russian football Union and RPL, which has developed not too successful game regulations), reputation among fans and experts, he seriously undermined.


As it became known, the RFU has addressed in Rospotrebnadzor with the request to soften the current regulations to submit to the isolation only of players who test positive for coronavirus, or those who are tightly in contact with the infected more than 15 minutes (and to identify risk with the help of gps trackers). Expected to start on Friday the 24th round of the championship will receive a new response from the CPS.