In the runoff for mayor of Stadelhofen Volker Wants of the non-partisan voters community (ÜWG) made the race. One of the first to congratulate his fellow party member Louis Göhl, had directed for 18 years the fortunes of the Jura community, and not for the election was started was. The Wölkendorfer defeated the stone fields Wolfgang Schraouder (CSU).

From the 1031 Voters gave 946 their voices, 943 were valid and three invalid. For Schraouder voted 396 people (plus 58 compared to before 14 days), and 547 (plus-132) Will. Won with 58 percent.

The new mayor was very pleased with his result and thanked all of you for the high turnout. As his first actions after taking office, he called the Expansion of the water supply in Steinfeld and the realization of the stone fields of construction, Ulrich height. “Overall, it is important for me to create in all ten places, building sites for young families, to stop the constant shrinkage of our population,” said Will. While it started gently snowing, were from the town hall, the guns and firecrackers shock of will’s native village Wölkendorf. There the inhabitants, in spite of Corona to celebrate their new mayor, according to strong.

The losing Schraouder congratulated Will and wished him a good Hand for the good of the community: “We need to work together for the good of the community, and therefore of all the inhabitants. I’m ready for that.”

This article was written by Joseph Beck

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