A vehicle collision, a fire and three dead – that is the balance of a car accident on the federal highway 27 between Rittersbach and Dallau.

As the police in Baden-Württemberg reported on Sunday, a 26-year-old got into the oncoming lane with his car in a right-hand curve for an unknown reason. There his vehicle crashed head-on into the car of a 67-year-old. According to the police, the first vehicle caught fire and burned out completely. Both drivers suffered fatal injuries in the accident in the Neckar-Odenwald district – they died on the spot.

The 70-year-old passenger in the 67-year-old’s car was seriously injured and was taken to a clinic by rescue helicopter. She later died there as a result of the accident. The road was closed for hours. The police estimated the property damage at around 60,000 euros. To clarify what happened, an expert should examine the situation.

There are explosive revelations from the Monegasque royal family. According to a French magazine, Princess Charlène will receive 12 million euros a year for her new life in Geneva. Meanwhile, her husband Albert stays in Monaco and even keeps their children with them.

A Ukrainian dentist and his lover are said to have sold several properties in Germany that belonged to the Russian state. With their method, the duo collected around 13.5 million euros. Only the Russian embassy found out about the scammers.

Ukraine wins the 66th Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) thanks to audience votes. Germany again takes last place in international competition. Germany’s ESC star spoke for the first time on Sunday morning.