Corona has in France Stand Friday, 27. March 2020 – approximately 1700 people were killed. A Hotspot the Alsace, with its capital city Strasbourg, directly on the German-French border. There, it is said in many media reports would not, in the meantime, breather is now over 80 years old patients, in order to give younger patients a chance of Survival to the ventilators. From the middle of Metz were flown at the weekend, patients in critical condition to Germany in clinics, because the capacities in France are exhausted. Located in Strasbourg, Elisa Keul from Gauaschach, a district of Hammelburg currently lives. Where life is relative: she works, she eats, she is in strict quarantine. The strong constraints introduced by President Emmanuel Macron about two weeks ago and a few days ago still once tightened. A phone conversation with a, is allowed only an hour a day outside:

the Saale-Zeitung:

woman Keul, when you look out of the window, what do you see?

I live in a Central place that is normally populated. It is unreal, but it is completely empty. We have a lock-in absolute output. We must only if we have an official paper for this.

How to get that?

There are several versions, you can download it on the government side, it is day-to-day more restrictive and detailed.

What is it?

It specifies that I may only once for a maximum of an hour a day outside. And then I can move only in a Radius of one kilometre, however, either alone or with only one family or household member. I have to fill out all the information about the date, time, add place.

How do you go shopping?

I have the great luck that I live above a supermarket. By the way: noodles and toilet paper always. But what is missing are eggs and tomato sauce, although there always will be.

Who controls the curfew?

From the clerk’s office about the police to the military. Anywhere checks are. To the South of Strasbourg, in Mulhouse, has now been moved to a military hospital with tents to provide Diseased. And the President is often on television Talking to the Nation, that the bans must be respected – and that’s pretty pathetic.


What do you do please be nice in a mile Radius?

I do it so that I twice a week go for a jog. But that’s not necessarily relaxing. Because I make still people, and I worry that I come to close. I see that I’ll be there as soon as possible after the home. The stairs to the fifth floor is currently my Sport.

What exactly are you doing so far from home?

A two-year double master. The includes an internship at a manufacturer of office furniture. And it is strange: I’m the only one from my course of study can put your internship, because I can work in a home office. Most of the other, or about 52 000 students in Strasbourg, had to cancel their Work.

How are you doing in Isolation?

It makes you lonely, miss my friends, my family. I live normally in a WG. The Belgians, who works for the Belgian Ambassador, had the day before, the output of the country, lock, leave. And my roommate is unemployed, they can no longer pay the rent, and “fled” to your friend. The Good news is: My friend from Paris came to me, because he, too, can work from home. So we have converted the empty rooms to offices. It is not nice that I’m not alone.

you Have a balcony?

Yes, thank God. With a view in the direction of home, to the black forest.

there Is in your environment, many Infected?

I know that many are suffering in the company, even if, of course, the diagnosis is to be kept silent. And I see here on a regular basis ambulance and paramedics in full protection, how you treat people in the neighborhood and also with me in the house. What I now observe: Often the ambulance several hours in front of the house, the Patient is not taken it is. I suspect that he needs to treat themselves alone at home, because the hospital’s beds are occupied. It has already brought about fast trains patients in other cities. I find it pretty weird: running through the station, I’m going after Paris. Now he is for “envelope space” for the Infected.

How is the mood in Strasbourg?

As in Germany, the majority is reasonable, there are many go, but only with masks out of the house. People have been really scared. But what is very nice: just like in Italy “meeting” every night at 20 at all on their balconies and at their Windows, and then it is really loud. It is gossiped that the Doctors and nurses of applause, loud music and dancing. After about 10 minutes everything is quiet again.

And you?

I am confident, but this fear, I know. During the day I am distracted by the work and the structure that defines the work. But in the evening, when one has a headache or coughs, because the chasing of the pulse for a few minutes but upwards. Many of my neighbors have it, because I’m thinking of every doorknob I touched. Then I say to myself again: I’m young, no-risk group – but since then, the question is, when I see my family again. Actually, I wanted to come to Easter, but I can’t. If I have exceeded the limit, and not may I. And I would have been a lot to a lot of anxiety, my grandparents infect in Gauaschach.

What do you mean, how long could it take?

I see now, every day, that would drive me crazy. I hope that in two to three months, it has calmed down.

What are you doing after work?

in fact, we cook so much as never before, we read extensively, watch TV or out the window. In the evening, the sun in the kitchen seems to be, that feels great. As each day goes from one to another. What me most in mind: I am young, agile, flexible, I made three times a week, I met with people – I was always active. Now I experience a feeling that I’m not even really awake, that I’m lazy. You will be tired when so much quality of life is missing, that leaves a cloudy then Bob up and down.

How do you control it?

With communication. My friend and I talk a lot. We Skype with friends, arrange to meet us on a virtual beer. With my parents and grandparents, I’m on the phone a lot.

If you draw a comparison: Who does it better – Germany or France?

I think the idea is generally nice, that can the Individual of his responsibility over himself and his fellow citizens. We all know what is right. Bavaria shows that this can work. In France, the company works differently, with the Central state and the history of France together. The President has an extremely strong role, and when he says “The Nation provides for its children”, he means it so. And the French don’t make the wait that the state cares. And that’s exactly why the French government does not have to be so strict, otherwise the work here. A few days before the curfew even Macron has asked to remain indoors – it has held up really no one on it. The people sat tightly in Parks or cafes. In Bavaria, I find it beautiful: since you have not only Zero or 100 here is placed on personal responsibility and it seems to work well. This Bavarian ratio of policies to the citizens is very much worth it.

This article was written by Susanne Wants to be published

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