1) How is the current situation in the district of Hersfeld-Rotenburg? What is the meaning of this current Situation for the district?

“The situation in our County does not differ significantly from that of the other Hessian administrative districts. We have prepared ourselves as best as possible on the impact of the Coronavirus and the corresponding measures taken. Especially in the clinical area: the number of intensive care capacity has been adapted and expanded in the orthopedic field, we had to according to the regulation, first of all, until the 19th century. April to cease operations. We have, however, adapted to the needs of the district administration. There are daily status meetings, close contact with all the mayors and the professional service to health have been reinforced.

For all of us this is a new Situation, the many changes it brings. However, at The Moment everything runs in an orderly manner. The measures taken at the Federal, state and County level, grab now. The people stay home and have recognized the seriousness of the situation. I can only make it point out: Please do not underestimate COVID19 and stick to the specifications!”

2), have been made many protective measures: what are the past effects of both economical/social (school closures, etc.)?”

“are not in sight to The economic impact in Detail as yet. However, the Federal government and the länder adopted emergency aid packages to mitigate the impact on the economy. For the fast and uncomplicated Actions, I am very grateful. This is just for our small and medium-sized companies and gives them to breathe air again. Now, the financial assistance must arrive quickly at the Affected. As regards the social aspects, I’m impressed. There are umpteen offers of help, support and donations. The society closer together. That’s what we need right now, because we have to prepare ourselves for a very difficult time.”

3) How do people process the current Situation, how your impression is?

“The residents in the district have understood, in what situation we are in. The people keep distance from each other, take that into consideration. There is no reason to panic, as before, that also includes hamster purchases. However, one must assess the Situation realistically: Purely statistically, it is likely that hundreds of thousands will become infected with the Coronavirus. With this fact you have to deal with neutral and mentally prepare. In the majority of fellow citizens in the course of the disease will hopefully be flat. In this Moment, we must all show solidarity. Mutual support, also with our neighbours, is, in my opinion, the solution.”

4) How is the exchange between local companies and small businesses with the County?

take care of it in the first place, the economic promotion company of the district, the district crafts associations and the chambers of industry and Commerce. Of course, our technical service and commercial, however, stands in close exchange with the company. The same is true for all communities.”

5) How to test possible Corona-patients? Who takes the Tests? How many Infected there are in the district currently and how the development is since the outbreak?

“Corona-Tests are currently being carried out, for example, in Fulda and Kassel in the established test centers, the physicians’ Association. The number of confirmed infections with the Coronavirus in the district of Hersfeld-Rotenburg is 44 (as of Friday afternoon, 16 o’clock). Meanwhile, 12 people are already fully recovered. The development in the district is currently moderate.”

6) How does the cooperation with the national authorities?

“very well. Our Prime Minister, Volker Bouffier, has informed the district administrators in the past few weeks, several times personally. With President of the government, Hermann-Joseph Klüber I am in almost daily contact. The current Situation makes it clear that all pull together when it matters. Also on County level there is a close, daily contact with all 20 mayors. We put together a number of measures to improve the Situation of the citizens. For example, we want to costs on daycare fees and support in the schools for all those who refuse to are not able to bring their children currently in the care facilities.”

7) How the district office is affected by the measures?

“Also in the district administration, we have taken preventive measures. The office is closed to the public, a personal appearance is, in urgent cases, exclusively a appointment possible. Our employees work in shifts, where possible, work from the Home Office. Nevertheless, the service continues operation.

8) Can you venture a prediction on how long the strict measures will continue?

“This is at the present time not yet foreseeable. I expect, but rather an extension than a reduction in the length of the measures.” (Kevin Smith)

*The post “district administrator Dr. Michael Koch warns citizens: “We should be” prepared” published by Osthessen News. Contact with the executives here.

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