When Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan resigned from their royal duties in early 2020, everything seemed very harmonious between the English royals. But that didn’t last long, because just a little later, Prince William’s brother and his wife Meghan grabbed the infamous Oprah interview about King Charles III. and co. A conversation that went around the world and apparently sparked the idea of ​​monetizing their “own story” in the Sussexes. Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan repeatedly emphasize that they are concerned with the truth and not with the money. But their luxury life, which they have been leading for almost three years in the USA together with their children Archie and Lilibet, suggests otherwise.

Her current luxury villa alone, which according to the “Kurier” includes five hectares of land, nine bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, pool, tennis court, playground, library, cinema, rose gardens, is said to be worth $ 14 million, “DailyMail” wants to know. Her neighbors include stars like Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Aniston, Natalie Portman, Gwyneth Paltrow and also one of the Kardashians. But maybe not for long, because, according to an insider, the family of four wants to move to an even larger property because the “Chateau of Riven Rock” does not offer enough space, as he explains to the magazine.

The Sussexes chose an even larger property in neighboring Santa Barbara as the location for their Netflix documentary, which was released shortly before Christmas. The British newspaper “Telegraph” speculated that the couple wanted to portray themselves as wealthier in the documentary than they actually are.

And Duchess Meghan also seems to be most comfortable in luxury labels. “DailyMail” estimated the total value of the clothes that the 41-year-old wore last year at the equivalent of 90,000 euros. In comparison, she is said to have worn clothes worth “only” 65,000 euros in 2021.

There is no reliable knowledge of how much money Harry and Meghan have in total. According to reports, after the death of his mother Princess Diana († 36), Prince Harry and his brother Prince William inherited the majority of their wealth, which according to the Telegraph was around £20 million (around EUR 22.5 million) at the time of payment. should have amounted to. And Duchess Meghan also apparently brought a handsome fortune into the marriage. The US magazine “Forbes” estimated her earnings as an actress at two million US dollars (1.85 million euros). In addition, King Charles paid the two of them a large amount as start-up aid when they left the royal family. However, payments from the royal family were stopped.

Even if Harry’s fortune was estimated at more than 30 million euros after the “Megxit”, the two have been on their own financially since then. So money was needed as soon as possible.

This was followed by the controversial Netflix deal, which is said to have netted the Sussexes $110 million. There is also another podcast deal with the streaming service Spotify, for which the couple is said to have received $ 30 million. Another source of income is a cooperation between the Duke of Sussex and the talk show legend Oprah Winfrey (68). The pair produced a six-part mental health docu-series for Apple TV called The Me You Can’t See.

The publication of his book “Spare”, which came out on January 10, was also worthwhile: it is said to have given 20 million for it. The result is a family at odds, but that doesn’t seem to bother Harry and Meghan when they are driven through LA in their luxury cars or fly around in a private jet, as BUNTE reports.

They like their life of luxury alongside the super-rich – and that has its price. In addition to expenses for employees, travel, childcare and vehicles, the costs for the safety of Harry and his family should also be taken into account. With retirement from the inner circle of royals, Harry lost his right to police protection in the UK. A court is currently to decide whether he can use it for money. That he for the coronation of his father King Charles III. Traveling to London on May 6 is now unlikely, according to a report by The Sun. But the ex-royal also relies on professional bodyguards around the clock in the US and elsewhere. “Forbes” estimated the annual bill for this at two to three million US dollars.

“They just need a lot of money,” says BUNTE Royal expert Stefan Blatt and also Tom Bower, the author of “Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War between the Windsors” (in German: “Rache: Meghan, Harry und der War between the Windsors”), is sure that Harry and Meghan simply need the money to continue their lives like this.

Many Brits now see it that way too. According to a survey by the institute “Yougov” 40 percent of people in Great Britain are convinced that financial interest is the main motive for the publication of the autobiography.

Prince Harry has raked in millions for a Netflix documentary and his autobiography, in which he attacks the royal family. Apparently many Britons resent him for that. The Queen’s grandson has never been so unpopular.

Now it’s enough for Harry and Meghan’s Californian neighbors: In Montecito, the Sussexes are no longer good to speak of. And even the local newspaper makes fun of the scandal prince.

The juiciest anecdotes from Prince Harry’s biography have been buzzing through the British press for days. The king’s son himself gave further details in several interviews. Now “Reserve” finally appears. Is there more waiting between the covers?

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