The X3 has been one of the most important BMW models for years. Unlike other brands, BMW is not completely switching to electric drives. The next X3 and its electric twin iX3 will also benefit from this. FOCUS Online has the first information.

In the coming years, BMW will also be focusing everything on the subject of electric drives – almost. However, the combustion engines will remain important for the foreseeable future and therefore the customer can also choose with the upcoming BMW X3 whether they want to be on the road with a diesel, petrol engine, plug-in hybrid or an electric motor.

Visually, the upcoming BMW X3, modeled on the recently introduced BMW X1, will be significantly more striking than the current generation. With XXL kidney and slightly more angular shapes, the SUV will differ significantly from its predecessor, even if it is not as polarizing as the mega hybrid XM. In addition, with slightly larger dimensions based on the BMW iX model, there is more comfort and the latest generation of driver assistance systems.

The engine portfolio continues to offer four and six-cylinder turbocharged engines with displacements of two to three liters and a power range from almost 200 to 550 hp. There will be several plug-in hybrids with different performance levels, with the maximum range breaking the 100-kilometer mark, based on the current China derivatives of the BMW X1 / X5 – each with a long wheelbase.

The upcoming BMW iX3 will be significantly more important in the model range. If the current generation was only intended for China and is only available with rear-wheel drive as an offshoot of the combustion engine, the new BMW iX3 will not make any such compromises here, but will be available with either rear-wheel or all-wheel drive.

Instead of the currently available 210 kW / 286 hp, the additionally driven front axle and new electric motors provide a significant performance boost based on the model of the BMW i4 with up to 540 hp, while the battery technology of the next generation should guarantee ranges of more than 500 kilometers. Even with the maximum charging power, it should not end at 150 kilowatts.