The Danish health authorities can’t explain what a step could be in a step-by-step opening of Denmark.

on Monday opened both the government and the Danish health authorities for a phased re-opening of Denmark.

But neither the national board of Health, or Statens Serum Institut, which is involved in the coronahåndteringen, can explain what a step in a reopening can be.

the Statens Serum Institute wrote in a report Monday, that should go about a month between steps of a reopening.

Ritzau has asked, what is meant by a step. But it can’t answer at the Statens Serum Institut. Here, please refer instead to the national board of Health and Health and Ældreministeriet.

In the Danish Health and medicines authority can also not answer it. Also here refer to the Health and Ældreministeriet, as Ritzau awaiting a reply from.

the Possibility of a phased re-opening of Denmark was presented by the prime minister Mette Frederiksen (S) at a news conference Monday.

Here she said, that with guarantee will get more coronasmittede, and that there will also be more infected, who end up dying.

On the positive side are the many measures against the coronavirus started to work, said the prime minister.

It was in this context that she opened the door for a phased re-opening.

Specifically, she said that if all continues to follow the authorities ‘ recommendations some weeks yet, so can Denmark be on the road to be opened quietly again on the other side of the easter holidays in april.

A controlled, step-by-step reopening of the country will, however, require that the population is to act wisely in the coming weeks, stressed Mette Frederiksen.