Athletes run up to the training base

Training center the Training center “Novogorsk”

one of the athletes in the training center “Novogorsk” identified coronavirus. In this regard, all trained athletes out there urgently leave the base, reports TASS with reference to anonymous sources.

Center “Novogorsk”, located 6 km from MKAD, in Khimki district of Moscow region, in one of the most beautiful places called Moscow Switzerland. He is the leading training base for national teams of Russia on 32 types of activities for major international competitions and can accommodate more than 500 people.

the Last days on the base, according to its Director Nicholas Domaratskaja, doing a total of 122 athletes.

the Russian Team in gymnastics already extra left Novogorsk ahead of schedule after completing a training camp.

“Our gymnasts were forced to abort the gathering and went home. This was an order. Last night he Packed everything and went home. I don’t know who discovered coronavirus. But all taxes are abolished, we left the base,” – said the senior coach of the national team Valentina Rodionenko.

According to her, the last few days at the gathering were a total of 22 gymnast – 12 men and 10 women.

Also base urgently left the national team of Russia in synchronized swimming, which arrived three days ago.

“the Team left the base, they discovered coronavirus. Our girls were all clean, no one in our team of the virus was not. We both wanted to work but something happened, what happened, what to do. Alarmingly,” – said TASS ghead coach Tatiana Pokrovskaya.

it is Expected that in the territory of “Novogorsk” of the athletes will remain members only of the national team of Russia in rhythmic gymnastics.

“the Artist is completely isolated, they are absolutely clean and the staff working with them – 11 people, – said the Director of the base Domaracki. – They are constantly in the room, they have their own dining and hotels. They are isolated from everything. Now comes the process full processing, all passed the tests”.

Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of sport of the Russian Federation from March 29 until further notice suspended the work of subordinate training bases because of the pandemic coronavirus. Function continued to only training center “Novogorsk”, database was planning to transfer to a special regime, which involves the isolation of the athletes, coaches and staff. They all had to be tested for coronavirus and be under the constant supervision of doctors.

the Center provides the necessary conditions for the successful preparation of athletes in 32 sports, including basketball, volleyball, handball, gymnastics, archery, shooting, fencing, football, hockey, figure skating, Luge, freestyle skiing, short track, Curling, freestyle wrestling, trampoline, mini-football, Rugby etc.

Coronavirus infection contracted gymnasts

As it turned out, coronavirus infection in Novogorsk infected with the head coach of Russian national team on sports gymnastics Andrey Rodionenko and winner of the youth Olympic games gymnast Sergey Naydin, RIA “Novosti” a source familiar with the situation.

According to the President of the Russian rhythmic gymnastics Federation and chief coach of the national team Irina Viner-Usmanova, the base settled sports gymnasts, who twice went to trtirovki on “Round” (training base 25 miles from Novogorsk).

“Without research, they began to live there. On the second day came from the Federal medical-biological Agency, held a meeting, not having received the test results. The meeting was held in the presence of Minister of sports, who explained how to act, what documents you need to sign. And then came the tests, and found that a boy born in 2001 has tested positive for the coronavirus, as well as the head coach in artistic gymnastics”, – said Viner-Usmanova TASS.

“We offered to leave, but I categorically told – I their children to this “hell fire” will not let go, they will sit closed and will train. And now it is even more important is the quarantine, we will be here until the last minute, until the quarantine not remove”, – concluded the President of the WPHG.