The first discounters will soon be offering combination tests that can detect four different infections at the same time. This will make it easier for households to determine whether they are feeling unwell because of Covid, RS viruses, influenza A and influenza B. FOCUS online says what the test brings and what it costs.

According to information from FOCUS online, Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord will be adding a combination self-test to their range from mid-February.

It is intended to show those affected whether they are suffering from Covid or the flu. In addition, the Aldi self-test should also be able to detect RS viruses. Selling at discounters further reduces consumer prices for combination test kits.

Drugstores and pharmacies have been selling combined self-tests for corona and flu since the end of the year. The prices vary between 2.30 euros and 7 euros depending on the retailer and manufacturer. With such a 3-in-1 combination test, a nasal swab can be used to determine whether you have the flu (influenza A, influenza B) or a Covid infection. Drugstore giant dm sells products from the manufacturer Medomics. Rossmann currently only offers Covid self-tests.

Aldi Süd is now expanding the combination test to include RS viruses. The products are sold by CorDx. You can already buy the combined test here.

So far, a Hamburg entrepreneur had sold a combo 4 test through test centers. In addition to influenza A, influenza B, Covid, this could also detect RS viruses. The price of the product was 4.95 euros. Pharmacies also sold such 4-in-1 self-tests. However, consumers pay more than 8 euros for it.

Now discounters are getting into the business with combo self-tests.

The test kit detects corona viruses, influenza A and B as well as RS viruses using nasal swabs and according to the manufacturer’s information. This should enable sufferers to recognize why they feel unwell and which respiratory infection they are suffering from. Those affected often do not dare to leave the house when they have a cold.

A general practitioner can treat the corresponding infections or at least alleviate the symptoms.

Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord set a price of 2.79 euros. Included are swabs, instructions, test cassette, sample tube and a disposal bag.

The Aldi offer could further reduce the prices for combined self-tests. Other discounters such as Netto Marken-Discount or Lidl also want to include corresponding products in their range.

Lung specialists explain that the test can only be an aid. This does not replace a medical diagnosis. According to media reports, several manufacturers have submitted applications for approval for combination tests.

When purchasing, consumers should look for the CE mark on the packaging or the test kit. In addition, manufacturers must state how high the sensitivity and specificity of the tests are.

Sensitivity, which shows how often a test kit correctly detects an infection, is particularly important. The higher the sensitivity, the more reliably it detects the infection with a positive result.

The specificity, in turn, shows how likely it is that a non-infected person will be recognized as such.

First of all, keep calm.

If the line is positive for influenza A/B or RSV, contact your family doctor. In the case of fever, cough, runny nose, headache, and body aches, medication can help to alleviate the symptoms that occur. Basically, stay at home and recover. Also read: If you have three RSV warning signs, your child needs a doctor immediately

If the corona line is positive, you have to go into isolation in many federal states. In Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg you must also wear an FFP2 mask in public. Be sure to have the result confirmed by a laboratory test (PCR) and contact your family doctor.

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