For the first time in the history of manned spacecraft should fly to the International space station (ISS) for 3 hours.

Rocket and space Corporation (RSC) "Energy" began training crews to fly to the ISS for ultra fast double scheme, which involves a 3-hour flight. Earlier under the scheme piloted a ship to the ISS has not been sent.

"Rogozin instructed ALAC "Energy" to prepare the first crew to fly at ultra-fast scheme to the ISS when the ship makes only two turns in orbit before docking with the station. The Corporation has begun training astronauts" — leads TASS words of the source in the space industry.

The state Corporation "Roskosmos" in contrast to the official Twitter page confirmed this information, noting that such an order by the head "Roskosmos" Dmitry Rogozin was really given and now running.

The timing of sending crew to the ISS via the superfast scheme has not yet been reported. Currently, we note, the fastest scheme of manned ships is chetyrehmetrovy scheme, which takes about 6 hours time.

Recall the first time double arrival procedure to the ISS was tested in 2018. Before this “Progress” has made it to the ISS, performing or 34 orbits around the Earth (two-day scheme) or four turns (six hours). In the next 2-3 years it is planned to implement was developed by specialists of RSC Energia single-turn scheme of the flight spacecraft, which involves the rendezvous and docking with the International space station in about 2 hours. Testing of a single-turn scheme may be required for future implementation dwuhpuchkova schemes of flight to the moon, involving a docking in earth orbit with the upper stage for low-boiling fuel components.