Cosmonauts Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Wagner, who are now on the ISS, congratulated the representatives of the air force with their professional holiday.

"my Friends, together with my colleague Anatoly Ivanishin congratulations from the International space station with a Day of Military-air forces of Russia! Today, the air force are an important part of the Russian Armed forces and the source of the greater part of the personnel for the space", – wrote on his Twitter page Wagner.

Astronauts wished everyone involved in the celebration of health, happiness, clear skies and new heights of flying skills. "Let thanks to your hard work the sky above the Homeland will always be peaceful" said Wagner.

Also to post in Twitter the attached picture of the model of the su-27, photographed on the background of the Earth.

All of the first cosmonauts, including the first man in space Yuri Gagarin, were selected from military pilots. Current members of the cosmonaut corps to enroll its members in the air force he served Ivanishin, Alexander Skvortsov, Anton shkaplerov, Alexander Misurkin, Alexey Ovchinin, Sergey Prokopiev and others.

Day of formation of the military aviation of Russia is August 12, 1912 when by order of the war Department issues the Aeronautics and aviation was removed from the jurisdiction of the Chief of the engineering Department and transferred to a specially created body – the Ballooning part of the General staff. August 1, 2015, was formed by Air and space forces of the Russian Federation, which joined air force and army air and space defense. Since September of the same year, videoconferencing has begun to assist in the fight against terrorists in Syria at the request of the government of this country.