As the numbers of views of the virtual events are changing the mediamir

said Before “collects stadiums.” Now particularly successful events collect several stadiums. What, even the largest of them, for example, will gather a million viewers? Or 500 thousand? Of course, we are talking not only about Russia but also about the world. Because the plays are posted in the online space, such as the Vienna state Opera and the Berlin theater “schaubühne” gather at screens of gadgets spectators from all over the world. But behind the numbers more real hits for us to trace in the Russian material. They are impressive. And that’s despite the fact that not all resources open its statistics.

Photo: Arkady Kolybasov/WG Timur Bekmambetov starts a project on quarantine

One of the first surprised “indicators” of the Mariinsky theatre. Performances posted in the last week of March. And in early April it became known that they had been watched by 9 million people! Surprisingly, the TV was quite clumsy in this regard. As soon as the potential audience stayed home, it was clear that we need to reshape the mesh, because it’s time for ratings. That is, “get out of the bins” the best of everything. The first channel “got” the series “the Defenders”, which the audience has long awaited. But then I decided to break it into two seasons. “Russia 1” got a trump card – series “zulaikha opens his eyes”. But while these projects are put on the air, it became clear that the audience prefer the other buttons. More about this can be read in a research article, business newspaper “Kommersant” “TV did not recognize the audience.” It says that on the first plan for the growth of the audience during the pandemic were such channels as NTV, TV-3 and “Friday” as well as REN, STS and “Home”.

However, we live in strange media-a time when the audience of other bloggers in IntagraIU can be more than the individual channel. And let’s see what other figures showed the event during a pandemic. Here are just some examples. Live concerts of the singer Yolka and EMINА held on 3 and 4 April at Okko, has received over 8 million views. On the platform of MTS TV, where the first original content has become concerts of local artists, including luminaries of Russian rock, the numbers during the broadcast was such a group of “Chaif” – more than 5 million hits, concert Glory Butusov – more than 3.5 million views. Over half a million users watched online shows of Russian fashion Week and lectures on TikTok on the first day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. On average 30 thousand people watched each video presentation from Moscow, while in peak moments, the number of concurrent connections has exceeded 50 thousand.

Take individual clips and programs. In the group of “Classmates”, the newspaper “Life” the program “Life in the country” with Oktyabrina Ganichkina, which is broadcast on its theme page (it is one of the most authoritative experts in Russia for horticulture and market gardening, candidate of agricultural Sciences agronomic shares his secrets), received 1 million 200 thousand views. Only one roller of the group “Buranovskie grandmother”, which is not optimistic during the quarantine and composes cheerful ditties, got coverage of 1 million 700 thousand hits.

a Social network “Schoolmates” in the days of isolation and quarantine have launched two video channels for culture lovers. Week video two channels collected a total of more than 13 million views (!).

Photo: From the collections of Vserossiiskogo Pushkin Museum. Konchalovsky, Petr Petrovich. How Boldin quarantine was Boldino autumn

In the first channel “We at the Museum” broadcast a virtual tour of the largest Russian museums: Hermitage Museum, Pushkin Museum im. Pushkin, the Russian Museum, the Tretyakov gallery, the Museum “Garage” and others. Over the past 7 days has collected more than 7 million views. No less popular were the esters and of the Russian theaters, in the same way collected in the channel “to the theater” and scored for week 6 million views. It combines the esters from the largest Russian theatrical institutions: the Mariinsky theatre “Helikon-Opera”, “Russian seasons” and many others. Furthermore, OK is the project “Music in OK Live”, in which famous artists give online concerts live for the social network users. Over the last two weeks broadcasts with the artists gathered more than 15 million views. Among the most popular concerts Polina Gagarina (2.8 million views), BURITO (1.2 million) and home broadcasts in the app OK Live from Natalia Podolskaya (810 thousand) and of Julianna Karaulova (570 thousand).

Those services that do not disclose specific figures, still noted a sharp increase in the audience. For example, platform since the beginning of the action SIDIMDOMA in which made free access to all TV series and movies, said that traffic has grown more than in 2 times. And since the beginning of home quarantine, introduced first in Moscow and then in other cities, the traffic increased further by another 50%. Actively growing and videokatrina on the service. Over the past two weeks, the increase amounted to 2.5 times.

Online cinema tvzavr summed results for “coronaviruses March”. According to them, the total revenue for the month increased by 35%, the paid model has grown three times (the highest increase since the inception of online cinema). The most popular film was “Infected” and the peak sales were in March 29 – the day after the start of the first vacation week.

“So active ROSt sales for the March says, in the first place, that our citizens actually complied with the government-imposed regime of isolation and most of the time at home. Due to the tightening of quarantine and its extension until April 30, suppose that the revenue from the paid model online cinemas, and tvzavr in particular, will grow even more even compared to the already record-breaking March as the closure of cinemas, many producers have reduced the digital window and allowed his paintings to the online distribution much earlier than planned. What it will increase is hard to say, but I think that not less than 2 times”, – says Director of marketing tvzavr Daniel Saversky.

Photo: courtesy of Bazelevs What Director Timur Bekmambetov is making a movie the inverted camera

Significantly increased the demand for children’s content. “RG” wrote about that on the cartoon “Prostokvashino” the total number of views of series and collections about the famous inhabitants of the village amounted to about 5 million views, while the “Orange cow” – more than 2 million. Also in the top most popular includes short cartoon “I Want to live in the zoo” , collections of the cartoon “Well, pogodi!” and “Dasha and Ogre”. The total amount of time that users spent viewing on the Youtube channel of “Soyuzmultfilm” for the last two weeks amounted to more than 4 million hours.

the Newspaper “Izvestia” has done the research, the essence of which – the demand for children’s content has grown by a third, and the young audience of online cinema for the quarantine period will increase by 10 million people. The publication writes that after the transfer of Russians to the isolation viewing children’s videos increased by an average of 25-40%. The number of young viewers for the quarantine period will increase from 30 million to 40 million people – that so predict the interviewed experts. Quote: “the increased number of young users of the online cinemas to earn a little, in the range of 5-10% of their revenues. But more important for them not to lose this audience and to teach the younger generation to watch the content on its platform, analysts say”.

Meanwhile, will learn not only the younger generation. Older people are increasingly embracing the online world. Especially because for them there. It is known that they prefer a good, proven classics. Moreover, many employers realized how daysLa them handy when employees are working on udalenke, and how beneficial to hold meetings and meetings in network applications. However, this is a topic for another article. A summary of this – back to the real world of theatres, cinemas, concert halls and museums will not be easy. Rather, each institution of culture, science and education, in addition to real events is already accustomed to think and online activity. Those who are accustomed to conquer the audience in the traditional way, will have to develop new forms of work associated with IT. This all is not just coming but has already come.