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Here is a teacher with a great experience so accustomed to living fellowship that is not ready for lessons via videoconference. Or office worker was helpful in the office, but not caught “on distance”. What should I do? I asked the founder of the service to find a well-paid job Superjob Alexei Zakharov.

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People will not find themselves “on distance” – so it can happen?

Alexei Zakharov: of Course, it can. People are all different. There are extroverts, there are introverts. Latest easy is and feels comfortable. Even more comfortable than in the office. Extroverts need the recognition, some tactile contact. In the new conditions type of person will not change, he will look for work with a live connection.

Here’s to the staff announced: turn “on udalenku”. Correct response: yay, finally! Or – panic attack: Oh, what now…

Alexei Zakharov: Experience of working remotely on a permanent basis was less than 1% of the population. Therefore the absolute majority is, of course, having a panic attack. In addition to IT specialists, journalists, freelancers, lawyers, accountants, recruiters – those who have worked “on distance” for them is remote employment is the norm. At their house all furnished no panic. And someone no conditions, no computer and no laptop, bad reception cell phone, Granny coughing, children screaming and the stress. But it quickly passes with proper organization on the part of the employer.

Give advice: as, having gone “on udalenka”, not to lose his job. Or at least not to disappoint the bosses.

Alexei Zakharov: advice? Yes, just ask your boss how to behave “on distance”, so as not to lose work, and it did not disappoint. As a rule, the head knows what it needs to do.

If he doesn’t need a boss to negotiate: what are the specific outcomes the person must show how they will be monitored, what the deadlines are. And what you need to do to get a raise no matter “on distance” or in the office. If these questions have clear answers, then you have a good head and nothing to worry about.

Photo: RIA Novosti the Survey showed that Muscovites are satisfied with remote work

And if not?

Alexei Zakharov: If a clear answer is no, you should go on Superjob and look for a new boss. Because, apparently, your boss doesn’t know what you need from it, and do not understand what is needed from you. And it will be a mess and fire your boss, and you at the same time.

Predictions: how many companies will be widely used “udalenka”? In which sectors of the economy?

Alexei Zakharov: Almost all companies, which is used mostly mental work, to work remotely. If all or almost all of the work at the computer, it is easy to transfer to the remote mode. The question is purely technical.

there is a Long list of promising and dying professions. Pandemic will make adjustments to it?

Alexei Zakharov: will bring. Just some things will develop faster: for example, what comes to remote training. Very going to redraw the real estate market. There will be new types of offices, large coworking in residential areas. And the accountants will rapidly “die”. Rather, not for professions, and entire industries, something will go faster.

Parents of students of graduation classowls, and seniors will want to decide what colleges and universities do. Which professions are most in demand?

Alexei Zakharov: anyone who knows the answer to this question will very quickly become a dollar billionaire. It is clear that important everything connected with algorithms, mathematics, medicine. For Russia for the next 100 years – everything connected with the mining, heavy industry. What exactly? For this purpose we conduct career guidance classes with the students, students, children of our clients. Now it all goes into online come, see.

Photo: Alexander Korolkov/WG Problems udalenka school: How to study remotely

rural high school graduates have prospects? Can apply for some jobs, having knowledge on the level of “excellence in the classroom”?

Alexei Zakharov: Urbanization today – a world trend. So a small town will die, villages will die, cities will continue to grow. There is nothing that we will do, if you do not start very hard to decide on the level of regulatory mechanisms. Moscow, on the one hand, not rubber. But on the other she one end merges with the Bottom Novgorod, on the other – from St. Petersburg. This is a huge Moscow in which to live the whole country. If you do not intervene in this level of regulation, to stay in Moscow, it was prohibitively expensive, while developing the infrastructure where we have land to get a different result. Can. But nothing is done. So in the village there is no prospect. They will be replaced by a huge agro-complexes, where Robtusiloba. Farmers to compete with them can not. A small town, if there is no city-forming enterprise, also have no prospects. The prospects for graduates of rural schools is, fortunately now there are many opportunities to learn remotely, but in his village, and to work, but not in the village, and leading international corporations. Another thing is that while the quality of remote education loses full-time. But in connection with what is happening now, expect a breakthrough.

Many are now filmed and dumped on YouTube comical videos: how not to go crazy in the four walls. You communicate with employers. How they react to such? Painful? Take a pencil? Or – with a sense of humor?

Alexei Zakharov: in any Way. Do not pay attention to employers that people do at home. Running man, the results shows good. No – will be dismissed.

Sooner or later, but any pandemic are. Advise the employer that some of the current “interim measures” may be economically useful for times when we develop a vaccine and forget about the coronavirus?

Alexei Zakharov: Learn how to work “on distance” will be able to save on rent and office maintenance. 5-10% of production costs – serious things.

In St. Petersburg, the presenters went on udalenku and began to broadcast from home

the Second – employment competencies. The company will hire results, not a specific person. And hire around the world, not just nearby. Theoretically we could do it before, but could not. And now the life force. For people it is also an advantage. Before they sold their competence narrowly, to a single employer, sometimes having lots of free time, now they will have the opportunity to spend it on other employers.

On there is a vacancy: “Volunteer to combat coronavirus: up to 35 years, the minimum number of chronic diseases and healthy lungs”. A lot of wishing?

Alecthis Zakharov: For the first day, more than 400 people. We are working with a hospital in Kommunarka, give them contact information for someone who could work there. It will be rather than doctors – doctors can and do provide. This subject is actively discussed informally in the power corridors. But the formal discussion was not, because it is not entirely clear who will be responsible if anything happens. Chief sanitary doctor has said that immunity. Maybe business will move.