As insulation helps to avoid an explosion in the number of cases COVID-19

Experts give a cautious forecast: started working quarantine measures. As of Thursday in the capital of the 40th hospital in Kommunarka, the first to take the blow in the fight against the epidemic, treating 325 people. For the day, there were 52 patients, 33 were discharged in connection with the recovery, – said the chief doctor Denis Protsenko. Every day he publishes regular reports for exactly a month – from the second of March. And not just according to the numbers, and puts the chart: that’s going up the line the number of received (generally in March – about a thousand), also here the curve number written out (there are more!), here, the number of patients with a positive status on the virus. All – loud and clear.

Photo: EPA-EFE/STEPHANIE LECOCQ the Number of cases of coronavirus in the world exceeded 1 million

to Follow the slope of the lines on the charts alarming: in Italy, on these pictures they were almost vertical. We have yet, but over the last week the picture began to look calmer: the number of patients gradually declined from a peak of 450 (it was March 23, a few days before the announcement of the “off week”) up to 325. Recovered and was discharged in Kommunarka twice as many as those who continued treatment.

the same reports to the public and the doctors in other Metropolitan hospitals, which became COVID centers. At the Filatov hospital # 15 Thursday treatment were 677 patients. In Institute Sklifosovsky – 72 (data for 1 April). All in Moscow, according to the summary data, 2475 confirmed cases, 140 recovered and 19 deaths. And although the explosive growth in the incidence of no, the number COVID-offices decided to expand.

the Latent period coronavirus infection is 7-10, a maximum of 14 days, so we need to “develop”a two-week period of isolation

the Situation remains under control due to the fact that was introduced stringent measures, limiting contact between people. According to the chief infectiologist of the FMBA Vladimir Nikiforov, the peak of the epidemic we passed. “The standard of the outbreak of SARS, a coronavirus refers to the rise and fall, which lasts 10-12 weeks. The incubation period of coronavirus infection is 7-10, a maximum of 14 days – we still have to “develop” this two-week period to increase in the incidence has slowed”, – said Vladimir Nikiforov. As explained by the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova, to break the chain of transmission required for two weeks of strict isolation, and therefore non-working days in Russia you need to renew. That nothing is better than quarantine does not stop the epidemic, “RG” said the Advisor to the Director of the Institute of epidemiology, Viktor Maleyev.

Europe quarantine also helped. Analysis of the situation in 11 countries showed that if before the introduction of the isolation one case was infected four people, currently an average of 1.3 people, and some countries have less than one. In the end, by slowing down the spread of infection, scientists have estimated, has saved 60 thousand lives. Now Russia, too, is the path. Time isolation extended. It is important not to violate this mode.