My Name is Julian, I’m a doctor in Hamburg, and I come from Fulda. 18. March 2020, I was tested positive for the Coronavirus.

The day before, I got the first headache, which I have a measure no greater importance is the headache you Yes time. In the course of the 18th century. In March I have developed over the morning, to a higher temperature. The proviso, as anywhere in the country: Corona-smear only in case of typical symptoms, contact to be positively Tested, or returning from a risk area. As a doctor of the way to our “Corona-ambulance” is of course short. I introduced myself and the nasopharyngeal swab was done. The smear is really uncomfortable; fortunately, he’s quick.

After that, it was called “direct to home isolation and quarantine”. About the result I will informed you by telephone, it may take up to three days.

On the same evening, there was the result – POSITIVE.

“Where did I put me? Hopefully, I have given it to anyone! What is with my patients – usually they belong to the risk group for Corona?! What about my colleagues? What is going on now in the clinic in the morning? I’m going to have a mild course. I have to call my wife.”

these were my first thoughts.

Then I was the first three days really sick: fever, chills, headache, pain in the limbs and a little dry cough. In short: no, I had no taste or smell loss. Not interested in all, more than the question of whether I had shortness of breath – I had, fortunately! In the first three days, I’ve slept a lot, and for the pain and the fever Novalgin taken. After the three days it was for me a better day by day, and then again in four days is worse, but no more fever. The lung was occupied. Eight days after my positive evidence, I felt much better and more three days later, I was again ready for the quarantine of Sport, at home, of course.

The organization in quarantine at home was thanks to the great solidarity of our neighbors, friends, and colleagues well feasible. Purchases were done, the Post in front of the door and partly even for us – my wife and me – cooked. Especially caring for the two neighbor children, Charlotte (6) and Thea-Luna (4). Have you paid attention to the fact that we always get dessert.

In the clinic, all were isolated of my patients, or were dismissed and had to be home in quarantine. My colleagues, with whom I had about 15 minutes of contact under 1.5 metres (chief physician, senior physician, medical colleagues, nursing staff, and that was many) were also sent to the quarantine. All symptoms had to be checked off and on the Coronavirus test; likewise, all patients, even without symptoms. None positive – thankfully! But my infection is still not traceable. “Social Distancing” had I strictly adhered to since 1,5 weeks. I was only shopping once, on the weekend before.

My wife had symptoms at any time. She was with me in quarantine and had the good fortune to have an asymptomatic course or not plugged in. That can only will show an antibody test in the blood, which is currently very limited, but soon to be available.

I was delighted to be allowed after 14 days of quarantine work and to support in the hospital. Currently, however, it is still quiet. So, I’m back in time, and the Best part is: I’m immune to the Coronavirus. I’m sure that helps in the care of patients.

Julian Kött In the PCP In the

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