A bright sporting event will be held in the capital — the Open Water Water Sports Festival, organized by the Sports Department.

A large-scale holiday will be held on September 10-12. It will include several big competitions. In addition, separate platforms will be launched, where events will be held for everyone, including children, as well as entertainment and food areas will be opened. The festival will take place on the Rowing Channel in Krylatskoye, where the organizers have specially prepared zones for each sports discipline.

On Saturday, September 11, Muscovites will be able to watch the final of the Russian championship in water-motor sports. Competitions will be held in such disciplines as” aquabike”,” motor surf”,” hydroflight “and” aquabike HF ” (flying over water, a board with a GP1 water cannon).

Aquabike is a common name for several technical disciplines of water-motor sports related to jet ski racing. It will be a real holiday for aquabike lovers in Russia.

Gathering of the audience at 17: 00. Admission is free.

Open Water SUP Fest will be held on September 12. Everyone is invited to join the SUP-carnival (the presence of a carnival costume is mandatory), as well as to compete in various SUP-races. Participants will receive prizes.

Also, amateurs will be able to assess their level in a SUP-marathon or SUP-sprint. And in the technical race, professional athletes will show their skills. In addition, guests will have the opportunity to take part in SUP yoga classes on stable SUP boards on smooth water.

To become a participant of the SUP –festival, you must register on the official website. 

One of the highlights will be the world Series competitions in one of the most extreme sports — high diving, which will be held in Moscow for the first time on September 12. High diving is jumping from specially erected structures of a certain height (27 meters). This is the maximum height from which a person can safely dive into the water.

During the jump from a tower almost as high as a nine-story building, the athlete is not only in a state of natural fall, but also performs a number of incredible tricks, gaining speed up to 95 kilometers per hour. In total, there are 20 professional high diving athletes in the world.

The audience will gather at 18: 30.

On September 12, another extreme competition will take place — the Moscow Skateboarding Cup. The tournament will be held in two age categories-children under 14 years old and adults over 14 years old. The best riders of the capital will gather to make a real show in the discipline “street”. In addition, professionals will conduct master classes for young skateboarders. It starts at 15: 00.

In addition to the competitive part, an entertainment program was prepared for the audience with a performance of a musical group, a salute and a light escort. There will also be a unique daytime show of flyboarders, aquabikers and wakeboarders. Everyone is invited to take part in wakesurfing and streetball lessons.

The full list of events is published on the website, where you can also sign up for master classes.