an April fish of the day, the sport is coming from the Walloon newspaper, L’avenir. For our French-speaking co-workers know to their readers Wednesday morning to look forward to in the ‘news’ that the delay in implementing the EURO 2020 to 2021 is to ensure that our country still has a national stadium for the start of the european football CHAMPIONSHIP. Is that a new stadium would be in the province of Luxembourg, where the minimum coronagevallen of the land, to feel it. Still, nice try, the toptransfer of the EX-check your email from the 2nd in the Amateur A, namely, by Anthony Vanden Borre…).

the Big news is on page 9 of L’Avenir today-the European football association, UEFA, and the government Wilmès have been agreed for next year is still a number of matches of EURO-2020, a new national stadium in Belgium, and to allow them to continue. “We need to find the economy, after all, herlanceren after the coronacrisis, so the big projects are all welcome”, you hear the sound of it. “The emergency government Wilmès takes advantage of his authority, now that the N-VA does not get in the way could be to have projects to shoot, one still has to work on the national stadium.”

That is, it will not come to Brussels but in Luxembourg, “one of the most contaminated areas of Belgium. The location was found using Google Maps, on the basis that the staff at the coronacrisis is not physically able to go. To get to the stadium if you want to get in next year, in Belgium with the help of 30,000 workers, from Nepal, who is in Qatar is not needed. According to L’(This would be the final of the european cup, which the Man played, it would be to move to Belgium in the stadium in time to be finished.

And it doesn’t stop there: rock Werchter, Pukkelpop, Dour and Tomorrowland would be in 2021 is also the national stadium can continue. Good thing, too, because, according to the newspaper, all the festivals this year and have to go on… behind closed doors.

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“KSVO, strictly, the former Red Devil to Anthony Vanden Borre!”

On the Facebook page of the EX-check your email from the 2nd to the Amateurklasse is a toptransfer by Anthony Vanden Borre.

“KSVO been started on the homework for the coming season. After an early finish, and to achieve a great 4th place, the focus has meanwhile shifted to the next year. After the past few months, several names have been disclosed, it follows, therefore, today it is still one of them, and for the 33-year-old Anthony Vanden Borre was at the end of last year to keep fit for Anderlecht but it was, in the end, the new contract will be offered. The ex-Devil, hoping to KSVO, return pleasure in the game, you’re welcome to him on behalf of the KSVO-the family of a warm welcome. “It is, however, still waiting for the sketch of our new act. The contract can’t be signed, says the KSVO-government.”

“Fellaini and Barcelona”

Also a Series of Sports took off with the ‘breaking news’ on Instagram: “FC Barcelona and bow-tie Marouane Fellaini as a free transfer. He will be the iconic number 8 of Barcelona’s transfer.”

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This e-mail message on Instagram

BREAKING | @fcbarcelona signs @fellaini on a free transfer. He will take – @andresiniesta8’s iconic number 8! ???? • • #ForTheFans:

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Well done.
More about the european CHAMPIONSHIPS and in 2021, Eden Hazard: “I would have done the same for the EK, but they do postpone the” how about the ex-coaches on the Red Devils, now that I am deferred? “Only for Vincent Kompany, this is not a good thing” the Practical question is: what about extending the contract of head coach Roberto Martinez, and now the european CHAMPIONSHIP will be postponed to 2021? European cup-tickets-will continue to be valid to 2021, and you can get your money back