of The 1. April: One day, the people are easy to fool, curse, and those who make fun of their fellow human beings like all the more to celebrate. Not only private individuals take the first day of the fourth month of the year, to occasion, to cause confusion: Newspapers, television, Radio, and companies constantly publish false reports, which will be clarified in the rule, but not later than the day after.

to say it with the words of Heinz Erhardt’s: “What I’m back for a rogue”. Those who are not physically on site in order to play someone a trick, you can spread a lot of practical jokes on WhatsApp and co. and a day long-a real ‘rogue’ to be.

The funniest WhatsApp-quotes to 1. April,

some Funny and cheeky sayings can provide plenty of laughs. The best examples and creative ideas arise from almost any Situation:

  • dear mobile phone users, you have just committed a serious mistake and a completely pointless Status read!
  • Your opinion as a bystander, on the topic of intelligence?
  • I’m not crying my eyes are sweating only!!!
  • ‘m late. The road was longer.
  • I can’t take you unfortunately. In my car it’s my Pride, my Ego and my personality to fit in!
  • Come a little later, my helicopter must be inspected.
  • I just have time. Where there is nothing to do?
  • Who sits in the stone, should not throw glass houses!
  • someone Has ” ass ” cards? I collect the namely!
  • Amazing how many people are not surprised when a set will go as it is potato.
  • I hate Yes people, in the middle of the sentence …
  • WARNING: Blonder Virus in circulation! Is your SIM card a red lipstick, it’s too late.
  • If you need to if you are reading this Status this Status double reads a double, you do you have to go urgently urgently go to the doctor doctor.
  • H)IP 383!7 h)IP 77!M H)IP 6VW H)! Put your broken phone to the head, and read again
  • you Want to fuck up your day, you need to look in the mirror… April, April!
  • Sorry, I come a little later. I have to think of an appropriate April fool’s joke for next year!
  • You’re so wrong! I just know something … do you Know how stupid I felt? From you I would have thought that you’re honest and you can talk to you about everything … And now … something is coming so you Know how much it hurts?? I never want to see you again and you need me to never write again … But okay, that’s your thing. I’m really disappointed in you … Would have me say that there are at Aldi 20% discount.

1. April fool’s gallery

false reports to 1. April spread

Funny sayings are one thing. You instigated, however, by the false messages of fear and confusion, you can laugh right into their sleeve.

  • Hey, did you know that Olli Kahn comes back for a season and now the FC St. Pauli is playing?
  • Dieter Bohlen buys degrees at Aldi – hurry!
  • We’ve won the lottery! I’ve already cancelled and am on the way to you!
  • 1. April to the spouse: Our daughter is gonna have a baby!
  • ‘ve just heard of (insert name), that your girlfriend is pregnant. Congratulations, when is the child?
  • The night with you was great.
  • We write a Test today in Bio. The instructor told us when you were already gone.
  • A Person a message with the following content send: “I’ll take then again to 50 grams, at the usual place, today is in need of a decent blast-off”. Then shortly after, a second message to send: “Uh, sorry that was for someone else, try to ignore that.”
  • Send a WhatsApp message: “I know it! Yeah, I know everything! And: You don’t need to call me!”
  • use Social networks such as on Facebook, the relationship status change and a Person’s link.

April fools: classics and more jokes

the classic are mentioned, which are from time to time, as well a nice message value, such as nasty nasties 1. April:

  • April, April – does what he wants.
  • Fritz to his mother: “mommy, mommy, dad hung himself!” Mother: “Where?” Fritz Chen: “On the roof floor!” Fritz and his mother go to the attic. Mother: “Because he’s not.” Fritz Chen: “April, April. He hangs in the basement!”
  • a pen Says a small pen: wax time pen’!

April, April: Self-Creative

in addition to the most popular and best sayings for WhatsApp and co. to the 1. April, of course there is also the opportunity to be creative. Jokes and pranks are quickly thought of: As a Background you can choose personal events, you verfälschst. Statements that someone made once, can be manipulated. You have with a Person’s common well-Known, can also derive a turbulent history of knitting. The motto is: keep your eyes open – suggestions are to be found in everyday life on every corner.

This article was written by Simone Warnke

*The post “April, April: jokes, geniali ratings and sayings for WhatsApp and co.” published by Inside phone. Contact with the executives here.

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