Antonov: VTB United League did the right thing, ahead of finishing the season

Among them, CSKA Moscow. In exclusive interview “RG” the Russian forward of CSKA semen Antonov told how works in isolation, how best to finish the Euroleague and why the transfer of the Olympics – that’s right.

How do you feel in the mode of self-isolation? How difficult was it to get used to it?

Antonov: the First week went well. We have already developed in the family a certain schedule. Wake up early, no later than 7.30. Do exercises, engaged in different family Affairs. About ten o’clock in the morning the youngest – he’s nine months – is already underway to relax. The wife takes the older children, a son and a daughter, and I start training. Pedaling on a stationary bike, perform some program. Plus there are tasks that we got rid of our fitness coach. This stretching, abs, back, jumps. Afternoon after lunch and NAP time is about the same as the first. On the street if I go out, then in the evening, to throw away the garbage. Was lucky that the weather that week was not the best. Now when it comes to warming yourselves will become more difficult. But there is a balcony.

Photo: Michael Sinitsyn Why “Khimki” to be recognized as the champion of Russia on basketball

Everyone is saying that in the current situation, it’s time to do what you have always postponed, or doing something new. As you have this the case?

Antonov: You know, I have no progress. In fact, the isolation of the most happy children. Yeah, don’t go outside. By the way, the senior explained why, they kind of understood. But dad all the time at home. So neither time nor strength for anything else remains. Tried here, while the children slept, to start a new book Akunin, but I myself went to sleep on the second page.

How would you assess your current physical condition? If tomorrow announced the resumption of the season, no matter how much it took you time to gain combat condition?

Antonov: I Think at least a week. Yes, I spin the stationary bike, doing cardio, but still it’s not the load that get on the court. You can not stand, two days to move and start playing. And each subsequent week of down time to return to fighting form will require more.

Any news at the club? Now in a sporting world increasingly raised the issue of wage cuts. In football, some clubs on the corresponding step has already started. As this is the situation with CSKA?

Antonov: we Have nothing like this was discussed. Read basketball “Barcelona” raised similar issues. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the football Barca players have already agreed to wage cuts. We are now all in isolation, the Americans flew home, we stayed here. At the moment the main thing that all were healthy. And to this question we may return, when finally it will be clear to resume the season or not.

Source: NBA early will finish the season

very upset when he learned that United League decided to terminate the season?

Antonov: This was expected. First example is filed in the KHL, and we when he filmed “Kalev” became unclear as to finish the regular season. Again, “Lokomotiv-Kuban” immediately went into quarantine. Plus without the fans play not very interesting. Think United League made the right decision. Of course, when you train the whole year and the season is coming to its climax, so it’s a shame to finish it. But health is more important.

the Russian clubs need a classification to solve the issue with the same permits in the European cups. Under this is laid a budget

Youtrue, heard about the dispute that arose around the definition of the champion of Russia. Most likely the final classification will be determined by the current table of the regular championship of the League, and then the title will go to Khimki. Do you think this is true?

Antonov: do Not want to spend too much time on this topic. After all, if I say it’s unfair, they’ll think: well, of course Antonov is the player of CSKA. And would be for “Khimki”, would probably have said, we played so many games, won so many victories and championship worthy. Nobody is arguing that “Khimki” powerfully spent the first half of the season. But everyone has their own truth. I read various versions on the subject of what to do, and see that it is like passing the buck. Someone refers to the example of other countries where graduated according to the current results of the regular season. But from my point of view, it is wrong to say: here in Lithuania have done so, why don’t we do the same. There are Turkey and Spain, where the Championships so far, only suspended. Unlikely conditional Valencia or Barcelona will want to give the championship to real Madrid. In Croatia nobody has recognized a champion. However, from them in Euroleague nobody plays. And Russian clubs classification need to be determined with the same permits in the European cups. Under this is laid a certain budget. In General, management must make a decision that everyone is happy will not be.

meanwhile, the Euroleague does not lose hope to finish this season. New ideas on how to make it better, sounded almost every day. Do you have an opinion on this issue?

Antonov: the Problem is that now no one understanding how the situation will develop with the coronavirus. The transfer of the Olympic games gave a great margin of time: before, time was running out for Olympic qualifying tournaments. Now Euroleague is July and August. Much will depend on the situation in the national Championships. For example, if it’s all over dosrinternally, the regular season of Euroleague will be possible to finish more quickly. It is clear that the Euroleague looks back on the NBA, football Champions League. Everyone is afraid to make the first move. Here FIBA their Champions League postponed to September and will hold a playoff in the format of the Final eight. On the one hand, the teams are settled. For example, our “Nizhny Novgorod”, which it serves. Guys know that until August, nothing will be, can devote themselves to families. On the other, in my opinion, the format selected is not the objective.

the UMMC recognized as the champion of Russia on basketball among women’s teams

In your opinion, which is better? To finish the tournament in a flawed format, or cancel them completely?

Antonov: a Difficult question. In the case of the Euroleague, I would prefer to not have “Final eight” and other similar pieces. If we resume the season, it is better to finish the regular season. Moreover, there remained only six matches. It would be fair and objective. But still remains many uncertainties. For example, will return all players to their teams. Especially the Legionnaires.

Migration of the Olympic games has been you biggest disappointment?

Antonov: would Not tell that strongly was upset. This was read. It is not clear what expected by the IOC, when he postponed a decision. I think that it is correct though, because the athletes in the circumstances was not a reasonable opportunity to prepare for the Olympics. I do think that will transfer to 2022. It was this history that the Summer and Winter Olympics were held in the same year? By the way, has announced the postponement of Eurobasket 2021 for the following year. A logical decision. It made no sense to hold such a tournament immediately after the Olympic games. Most of the stars on it just wouldn’t come. There still looms the qualification for the world Cup. By the way, ideally I would not have stretched the window to the qualifying matches for the whole season, as is happening now, when you have to play them in September in November, in February. Would conduct all the matches in one month, preferably in September before the start of the season, to be able to play all the best. And everyone would be happy. In the end, it’s not a tournament where you were ten games in ten days and play to the end no. Played a match, rested a couple of days – and the next game. But this is my opinion.

Our hurdler Sergey Shubenkov in connection with the transfer of the Olympics complained that will age for a year. You have such a thought did not occur?

Antonov: Unable to understand it. He’s an individual sport, it depends more on himself, on his body. Have iglovikov in this plan all the easier. At first the plan did go teamwork. In any case, it is better to age than to go to the Olympics under threat of danger.

Dossier “RG”

Born on 18 July 1989 in Nizhnevartovsk. In 2014, speaking for the “Nizhny Novgorod”, was voted the best Russian player of the League. CSKA plays in 2016. The team of CSKA won the Euroleague 2018/2019. With the national team won bronze of Olympic games 2012 and European championship 2011.