This forecast was made by the researcher and defender of the ocean Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

The grandson of famous Explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau Philippe Cousteau, Jr. expressed concern that in the coming decades in Antarctica can disappear the penguins. The conservation of these birds requires immediate action, including the announcement of certain regions of Antarctica reserve.

"In Antarctica this year has been one of the hottest, there was +20 Celsius. This weather is good for California but not for the South pole. As for the animals, we have a small child – a girl – and her life will disappear penguins of Antarctica", — said in an interview with RIA Novosti, the researcher of the ocean Allan Brock, wife of Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

He believes that some species of penguins may remain in Argentina, but living in Antarctica’s penguins threatened by global warming. To avoid this can help create marine protected areas near the coast of Antarctica.

"Four million square kilometers of water area, where it will be strictly regulated fishing prohibited drilling and mining. This area will become a place where animals can survive before people exterminate them. We are struggling to Russia in the year of the bicentenary of the discovery of Antarctica has supported this initiative. For the global community, this is a sign that even in these difficult times of a pandemic, humanity can unite to preserve resources for the future. All the countries in CCAMLR, supported the idea of establishing natural parks, until he spoke only China and Russia. I hope that in October, when the meeting of States parties to the Convention, Russia will support the creation of marine protected areas," said Philippe Cousteau, Jr.