The price of the flagship Android smartphones will increase. The rise in the cost associated with the high price Qualcomm processor, according to the Indian edition of Digit.

According to information from South Korea, published in one of the thematic forums, a next-generation processor Snapdragon 875 will be priced at about 250 dollars. The cost of the Snapdragon chip 865 is used in many flagship devices on Android, is about 150-160 dollars.

This will affect the increase in the cost of production of phones will lead to higher prices in the market. According to journalists, end consumers will feel the price increase in 2021, when the market will see a significant number of smartphones based on Snapdragon 875. Experts stressed that the cost of a new chip for each manufacturer of the gadgets will depend on the volume of orders, but the prices on the processors in any case will be high.

The authors explained Digit price increase on processors that in addition to direct chips smartphone manufacturers will be forced to purchase additional parts and circuits, for example, 5G modem and RF components. Also the high cost of chips may be due to the dominant position of Qualcomm in this segment of the market.

According to a report from Taiwan-based patisamerica process technology Snapdragon 875 already put into mass production. Chip needs to obtain a component of Cortex-X1 Super Core, which promises to increase data processing performance by 30 percent compared to the Cortex-A77. It is expected that Qualcomm announces the Snapdragon chip 875 in December.