to start A new day, a new element in the debate on the loonsafstand in the Neighbourhoods. The purple-and-white spread, a new contract shall be subject to the players in order to come to an agreement. In the bargain, one remarkable new point. If Anderlecht is in the future, additional, more in-depth measures must be taken in this coronacrisis, then it will be the players to compensate them for the loonsafstand in the month of april. This can be a form of protection of technical unemployment.

SEE ALSO. Anderlecht is asking the European funds in place for European football, “RSCA has lived for the past few years, seriously over his position,”

The rest remains the same: this month, 100 percent of the salary grant as the matching plan, and benefits-in-kind (except for cars). In addition, a distance of about 1/12th of the tekengeld for this holiday season.

the fact is that Vincent Kompany is that tekengeld any out-of-pocket to pay, it is no longer spoken of. It is not yet clear whether the players ‘ proposal is accepted. Kompany was close to the players this past weekend as an individual.

for More about RSC Anderlecht, Club Brugge, sees merit in the proposal Anderlecht): “the Courageous decision” that AC Milan want an option to Settle Saelemaekers to buy from Anderlecht and the renegotiation of Club Brugge looks to the solidarity of Anderlecht, does not sit down: “It’s not going to now have to require the others to be in your pits for fill, Anderlecht asks for European funds, in place of European football, “RSCA has lived for the past few years, seriously over his position