(New York) Chris Evans has been accustomed to superhero roles in the Avengers series. But in the film Ghosted, which comes out Friday on Apple TV, he plays the boyfriend embarked despite himself in the adventures of a CIA agent, played by Ana de Armas.

In this romantic action comedy, directed by Dexter Fletcher, the slightly awkward character of Cole (Chris Evans) does not understand why he comes up against the radio silence of the mysterious Sadie, after a successful first date. He will quickly discover that she does not really have time to fall in love.

“It’s important because there’s this cliché that it’s always the men who wear an action movie and only men can be badass and cool characters,” he told AFP. the 34-year-old Cuban actress at a New York premiere on Tuesday night.

In Ghosted, Chris Evans plays “the damsel in distress”, in the words of the actor. “It’s nice to be someone who needs to be saved,” adds the man who donned the Captain America costume in the 2010s in the Marvel universe’s Avengers film series.

Ghosted, which connects scenes of shootings and stunts, also sees Adrien Brody appear in a villain role.

With this light comedy, Ana de Armas finds an action film, after having burst the screen by putting herself in the skin of Marilyn Monroe in Blonde, the film by Andrew Dominik adapted from the novel by Joyce Carol Oates.

Before this role, which earned her an Oscar nomination in 2023 in the best actress category, she had already rubbed shoulders with James Bond in Dying can wait (2021). And she will also play the leading role in Ballerina, a film derived from the John Wick franchise, expected in 2024.