Massive asteroids will approach the Earth in September. The diameter of one of them is equal to the size of the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, The Jerusalem Post reported, citing NASA laboratory studies.

An asteroid called 2021 NY1 is due to fly past the planet on September 22. Its diameter is estimated at 130-300 meters. The Golden Gate Bridge has a height of only 227 meters.

A little earlier — on September 9 — an asteroid, named 2010 RJ53, with a diameter of about 774 meters, which is about twice as large as the 102-story Empire State Building in New York, will fly past the planet.

Despite the impressive size of these asteroids, it is unlikely that any of them will come close enough to the Earth to collide with the planet.

According to the calculations of the American Space Agency, in the next 100 years, nothing large will fall to Earth at all. However, scientists believe that the situation may change when the trajectory of some space objects changes.

The danger of a collision with an asteroid remains one of the worst possible natural disasters that can happen to the planet, since humanity is not yet able to fight them, ” the material says.

It is for this reason that astronomers around the world, including in the NASA Planetary Defense Coordination Office, monitor all the nearest asteroids and calculate their trajectory in order to understand whether any of them poses a threat to the planet.

Earlier it was reported that a potentially dangerous asteroid is flying to Earth. Its size exceeds a kilometer. However, domestic astronomers rejected the possible danger. They claim that there were also larger celestial bodies that flew past the Earth and at a much smaller distance.