Knox wrote in an Instagram post, “I’m so thankful to everyone who wishes [husband Christopher Robinson] well on our journey towards parenthood,”

Amanda Knox, the woman imprisoned in Italy for the murder of her British friend, was later released and posted about her birth on social media. She also published a New York Times article.

Knox, 34, shared a photo on Instagram Saturday, about her daughter’s birth with Christopher Robinson.

Knox claimed that she gave birth Friday night to Eureka Muse Knox -Robinson in a New York Times article.

“I am so grateful to everyone who wishes [Robinson] well on his journey to parenthood. Knox thanked everyone for believing in her and wrote on Instagram: “Thank you for believing. Knox also stated that the photo she shared of Eureka holding her would be the last image of her child she shares on social media.

Knox stated that her annulled conviction from Italy pushed Knox into the limelight, which she did not want.

“I don’t have any legal rights to stop the tabloids writing about my wedding or my birth, which aren’t newsworthy topics in the public interest. This means that I have few options. I can keep my mouth shut, knowing that there will be paparazzi bounty on my little girl’s head. Let them write about MY life, and frame it however they want, Knox said. Or I can tell a deeper and more vulnerable story about my experience.

Knox stated that she also had a podcast in three parts called “Labyrinths” about the realities of pregnancy.

Knox stated that she is able to share the story of her pregnancy through her words on “Labyrinths”, and not a script written for her. Knox concluded by saying that her daughter’s life was not open to the media.

“Her life is hers, and she is not yours.” She said that she deserves her privacy to be respected in the same way mine was never.

Knox and Raffaele Solecito (her then-boyfriend) were convicted of Meredith Kercher’s murder in 2007. In 2015, Knox was convicted in the murder of Meredith Kercher, a British student and Knox’s roommate. After a retrial that included a number of controversys, Italy’s highest court overturned Knox’s conviction.