The Indian press now calls the incident pee gate. On an Air India flight from New York to Delhi on November 26, a drunk man exposed himself in business class. He then urinated on a passenger.

The incident, which was already unbelievable in itself, became even more of an issue because the crew did not feel compelled to intervene.

Only when the passenger complained in writing did the Indian national airline investigate the case. But it’s not done with that. In the meantime, a second incident has become known.

On December 6, another drunk man also peed in the middle of the cabin on an Air India flight from Paris to Delhi. He urinated on a woman’s blanket, local media reports.

In contrast to the first case, the man was expected by the police upon arrival because the pilot had informed the authorities.

After apologizing to the woman in writing, the perpetrator was released again. For him, the case is closed, while the first perpetrator lost his job and was arrested.

The matter is not settled for Air India either. The airline is currently trying to reposition itself since privatization – also through a higher level of service. Such headlines are inconvenient.

The new boss Campbell Wilson has therefore emailed his cabin crews. And he asked them to intervene in such cases in the future.

“When an incident on our plane involves inappropriate behavior of such magnitude, we must report it to the authorities as soon as possible, even though we genuinely believe the matter has been resolved between the parties involved,” quoted TV channel NDTV the writing.

You have to say clearly what behavior is expected on board and take decisive and timely action against those who don’t comply, Wilson continued. And he added: “The dislike of the affected passenger is completely understandable and we share her anger.”

The Indian aviation authority condemned Air India’s actions in the strongest possible terms. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation, or DGCA for short, said the airline’s behavior was “unprofessional”.

It demanded an explanation from those responsible, the pilot of the November 26 flight and the crew.

This article was written by Stefan Eiselin

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