Having closed his agency specializing in the creation of alibis out of love for his sweetheart, a man is forced to reopen it shortly before his wedding in order to be able to present his in-laws with false parents, more frequent than the real ones…

It is often said that humor does not export well. It is true that the films produced by these French comedians who are part of La bande à Fifi, a group that made its mark on the Canal Plus channel, no longer have the same impact when crossing the Atlantic. Real stars in France, Philippe Lacheau, Julien Arruti and Tarek Boudali see their comedies systematically hit the box office there, but remain practically complete strangers with us.

Released in France in February, this Alibi.com 2 has so far attracted 4.3 million spectators in French cinemas, making this sequel to Alibi.com the third biggest success of the year (behind Super Mario Bros and Asterix and Obelix – The Middle Kingdom). We will distinguish it from Babysitting, 30 days max and other Marry me my friend, all produced by the same band, in that it includes certain gags which, this time, are frankly funny.

We are obviously not talking about finesse here. But no way. Philippe Lacheau bets on a frenetic sequence of incongruous situations, some of which necessarily hit the target at one time or another. Playing himself Greg, a guy whose ultimate talent is to always wallow in trouble, the actor has drawn into his delirium seasoned actors in the roles of the hero’s parents and those of the woman he loves.

Arielle Dombasle and Gérard Jugnot thus form this tandem of parents of which Greg is ashamed – she is a former star of “glamour movies” and he is a crook – to the point of wanting to hire “fake” parents to present to the new in-laws . These parents are played by Nathalie Baye and Didier Bourdon. The former Unknown also lets loose here without any inhibition.

Lacheau uses a type of regressive humor, often vulgar and flush with the daisies, whose only proof of effectiveness lies in the triggering – or not – of a laugh in the spectator. It turns out that watching Alibi.com 2, we sometimes laugh almost in spite of ourselves, with this very frank laughter that comes from the belly. Please, however, leave your brain in the locker room, its use being completely useless here.