The plan of the union for the season and has yet to play in are not to the liking of everyone. Ajax has gone out of tune taken note of the intention of the BOARD to be in the Premier league in the summer, according to the football association before the 3rd of August to complete it. Director of football cases, Marc Overmars, reacts irritably: “You are hiding behind the union.”

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“Why is it that at this point, this is about money and not about public health?”, ask director of football cases and Marc Overmars, in a comprehensive statement. “I had hoped that the BOARD as a stand-alone decision, but is instead hidden it behind the post.”

He sneers, especially in the countries of the European champions, according to Overmars, with his back to the wall and placed. “I’m just struggling with how to do it. In the Netherlands we are not so dependent on tv money, as the leagues in Spain, England, Italy, and Germany. I think that the big countries in the union are under pressure to deliver, at the expense of everything football. And the post also has the benefit, as to whether or not to play in the Champions League will be a difference of hundreds of millions of euros,” said the former player of Ajax amsterdam, Arsenal fc, FC Barcelona, and the Orange one.

finally, Overmars even further and gets Us president, He added to his statement, the strength to continue. “I like to compare the union and the BOARD, at this time, a little bit of the American president, when He, a week ago, and the economy is more important than any of the feline corona virus. Hi there! There are going to be in the Netherlands, each and every day, more than a hundred people are dying from the effects of the corona virus.”

(Photo: AP