Anyone who has frequent flyer status with Lufthansa or books First Class expects luxury and quality on board. But the airline is currently facing massive service problems – and is announcing cost-cutting measures even for HON Circle members. The demand, even for absurdly expensive tickets, remains high.

Lots of space on board, excellent service, caviar and champagne above the clouds: Those who book First Class with Lufthansa or have Senator or HON Circle status are used to luxury and quality. And also asks for it.

But currently Europe’s largest airline seems to have major service problems. This is reported by the “Spiegel”. Above all, it is the customers of the first class who are affected – much to the dismay of the employees.

The “Spiegel” quotes a senior ground employee: “You don’t dare to say anything or to make a decision in the interests of the customer because you have to fear the consequences.”

Because more and more services are being cut by Lufthansa. The airline recently announced that it would further reduce the services in its cheapest fare, “Economy Light”. From June 21, passengers with these tickets can only change seats on Lufthansa and Swiss European flights for a fee of 25 euros or more. This even applies to frequent flyers with Senator or HON Circle member status. If you book this fare, you will also have to pay 25 euros for your desired seat in the future.

“Some of us are more fear-driven than ever,” the Lufthansa employee is quoted as saying. Lufthansa’s austerity measures don’t even stop at cheap items Frequent flyers vent their anger in appropriate forums – and ask themselves how Lufthansa can continue to claim to be a “five-star airline”.

Reports about long-haul cabins that are outdated compared to the competition, problems with on-board supplies and, above all, the long waiting times at the Lufthansa service center despite frequent flyer status can be found there, according to the “Spiegel”.

In the meantime, Lufthansa cannot really complain about a lack of demand. Even the currently most expensive ticket is currently sold out, airline boss Carsten Spohr announced at the end of May. It costs $24,000 for a first-class flight from San Francisco to Frankfurt and back. But some people have to do without the rubber duck.