In Anderlecht, There was an agreement in principle. The players of Anderlecht, would be a wage drop to get the club a three million euro savings. But now that the deal is official, had arranged to be gobbling down a few of the players about the exact terms and conditions in the contract were in place. To enter a new post.

Anderlecht) has a points, set out in the contract that are not agreed upon were to.In the document there are five elements of nature. 1. To give up the paycheck. 2. The distance of the corresponding group. 3. A waiver of any additional benefits, apart from the car. 4. A distance of one-twelfth of their tekenpremie for this holiday season. 5. The acceptance of a collective leave of absence from 1 to 14 april.De the managers, the players and their lawyers, went almost immediately to sound the alarm, because there in advance of, not talked about in the last three paragraphs.

in The past few days, there were also strong debates between the part of the players, and the purple-and-white. Some of them didn’t want to draw it, because it’s a financial bonus, which is taken to be much greater than the original wage, and there are no guarantees (yet) that Anderlecht in time for unemployment to choose. It is now to wait and see who will bend: RSCA, or the significant pressure put by players. The players expect it will get a new proposal.

Still, the coaching staff, including coach Frank Vercauteren is, in the meantime, however, temporary unemployment is put on hold.“Just like 80% of the staff,” he said.

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