The final report of the Berlin fire brigade on a protest action by the “last generation” in connection with a fatal traffic accident puts two activists in distress. If convicted of negligent manslaughter, the climate adhesives could face longer prison sentences.

After a serious traffic accident in Berlin on October 31, in which a 44-year-old cyclist was seriously injured and trapped by a collision with a cement mixer, the Berlin public prosecutor’s office is investigating two activists from the “last generation”, also on suspicion of negligent homicide.

Against the background of the fire brigade’s final report on the rescue process, which has now become known, this accusation now takes on a new meaning. Because if convicted of negligent homicide, the two activists face prison sentences of up to five years or fines.

According to the fire brigade report, the two men, aged 59 and 63, climbed onto a motorway sign above the A100 city motorway on the morning of October 31. The police then had to block the road, and there was a traffic jam in which a rescue vehicle from the fire brigade got stuck.

The fire brigade came to the conclusion in the summary of the operation, which the “Tagesspiegel” reported in detail, that the requested rescue vehicle would have arrived at the scene of the accident on Bundesallee in Wilmersdorf just a minute later than the emergency doctor had it not been for the traffic jam. The fire brigade’s recovery vehicle had been requested to lift the concrete mixer because the accident victim’s leg was severely injured and was trapped between two twin tires.

In contrast to the emergency doctor, the fire brigade now comes to the conclusion in its final report that the rescuers could have rescued the accident victim “better and more gently” with the rescue vehicle. Instead, according to the medical assessment of the emergency doctor, it was decided to drive the fully loaded cement mixer over the cyclist’s leg again in order to be able to free her as quickly as possible and transport her to a hospital. The doctor also stated in a first mission report that even if the recovery vehicle had arrived on time, she would have opted for the more risky rescue method due to time constraints.

According to Sebastian Büchner, spokesman for the Berlin public prosecutor’s office, whether and for what reason the two activists will be charged also depends on what open causality and attribution questions are in relation to the protest action of the “last generation” and the rescue operation the fire brigade. In other words: It must be clarified whether, from the point of view of the investigators, there really is a connection between the traffic jam and insufficient care for the accident victim.

After receiving the first report from the fire brigade, the police filed a criminal complaint against the two activists – on suspicion of failure to provide assistance or obstruction of rescuers. If convicted, he could face a sentence of up to a year in prison or a fine.

According to Büchner, it is quite possible that the investigations will continue into the coming year.